Travel Curling Irons - What You Need to Know

If you thought that travelling means you can't look good then think again - travel curling irons change everything! These have been specially developed to fit into your bag and even to work in various countries that don't necessarily have the same voltage systems as your own. Just keep reading for more information.

The Benefits of Travel Curling Irons

When we're travelling, it's usually a pretty tight fit to get everything in a bag that's also easy to carry - especially if you need to be more mobile or are going to a number of different places. On top of this, airlines have various rules about what you can have in your hand luggage, so you really do need to plan ahead of time what you're going to bring.

But you don't need to leave your styling appliances at home. You can bring them with you and get those fantastic hairstyles wherever you go. Travel irons are small enough to fit in your bag, but they work well enough to ensure you'll still be able to achieve those beautiful curls!

Styles of Travel Versions

There are a number of different styles of travel curling irons available. In short, you can pretty much get the same styles as are available anywhere, but the only difference is that they are smaller and more compact. This means you can get a spiral version, triple barrel, 2 inch or whatever else it is that you need for your hair type or your styling needs. They are generally very light, meaning they will all be easy to carry.

Dual Voltage Options

When looking for a travel version, you may want to look for a dual voltage option. Why? Because this means that your iron will be better able to adapt to whatever voltage is used in the country you are going to. If you don't have a dual voltage version, you could find that it doesn't work, or it is a lot more week. Worse than that, though, is that it could do it damage and even short out the electricity supply! It's far better to be safer rather than sorry!


As you can see, choosing travel curling irons doesn't mean that you are limited in any way. In fact, many women prefer these simply due to the fact that they work just as well as traditional irons but are much easier to carry around wherever they need!