Start-up Guide to Hair Salon Furniture

Hair salon furniture is one of the major expense when starting a hair salon business. This is critical in giving a pleasant experience to the customers of your salon. Hair salon furniture includes styling chairs, shampoo chairs, facial steamers, massage table and other items such as rolling carts and cabinets. The furniture can be selected in accordance to interior look of the salon. The salon furniture should be selected to attract customers since properly chosen furniture will give a touch of professionalism to the salon.

Hair Styling Stations
Can be available as single station or space saving setup which can accommodate two, three or even four stylists. Hair styling stations could consist of extension drawers, glass retail shelves, fluorescent lights, coordinating mirrors, and storage cabinet. It may have power strips, holder for curling irons, blow dryer and clipper pockets.

Shampoo Chairs
Used for shampooing hair with a specially designed head rest. A comfortably designed one should be selected for a more positive experience by your customers.

Massage Tables
Used for massaging face as well as head. Head massage is also critical in hair treatment as it increases the blood circulation. It should however be done by trained massage therapist.

Reception Desk
Is also an important piece of furniture that may bring a distinctive appeal to your hair salon. The reception desk is the initial furniture that the customer sees when entering the hair salon Thus, it must let the customer feel the success and excellent grade of services provided by the salon.

The styling chair also adds fantastic ambiance to the salon's atmosphere. This chair should be comfortable in terms of posture so that customers can sit comfortably while waiting to be serviced. Hydraulic chairs are also available and worth looking at. They can be adjusted according to the height of the customer. The environment displayed and provided by the hair salon to it's customers must be in such a way that it relays the attractiveness, efficiency and class. Choosing the right furniture is very important in this regards. If you have a limited budget, there are discount stores or online auctions in which you can get them for reasonable price.

What is importance is getting the right blend of your equipment in terms of the ambiance it provides to the customers without sacrificing the functionality.