Some Information and Direction to Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Many people need a hair growth direction and information on growing their hair in a healthy way. There are some things you can do to promote hair growth that are cost effective and natural. On average human hair grows at about half an inch a month and if you live a healthy lifestyle you will find your hair will also grow.

1. Make sure you condition your scalp with an all natural conditioner and massage it for circulation.

2. Follow a high protein diet along with vitamin E and D to increase your hair growth.

3. Brush your hair starting from the ends and working your way toward the root. Also get the ends trimmed to get rid of split ends and damage. You can also hold your head upside down for about 20-30 seconds a day to promote hair growth by awakening the hair follicles.

4. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables and add protein to your diet; a good example of this is soy products like tofu. A wide variety of beans contain protein as well as meats and eggs. Drink lots of water and stay away from drugs and alcohol; try to stick to a healthy diet instead.

5. When your hair is wet, don't brush it as it will only cause breakage to your hair and this isn't a good direction to go in when trying for healthy hair growth; instead use a wide tooth comb. If you have noticed damage from coloring or perming, use a good conditioner to help bring back moisture to your hair. If you blow dry your hair, use a heat protection product to prevent damage.

6. To make your hair grow faster try using a tried and tested hair oil. A good one will stimulate the growth of your tresses as well as help induce blood flow to the scalp

7. Some hairstylists recommend taking prenatal vitamins to promote hair growth. Some have noticed their hair has grown as fast as 2 inches in 3 months instead of taking 4 months.

8. Wash your hair at least once a week, every week and avoid putting too many chemicals on it. At night wrap your hair in a silk scarf to avoid pulling and damage during the night.

9. Use a good conditioner when you wash your hair and don't buy on the cheap. Add niacin and other vitamins to your daily diet for hair growth acceleration. Get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to cut off dead ends and keep it looking neat.

If you do just a few of these tricks you will be heading in the right hair growth direction.