Seven Healthy Hair Tips, Myths and Misconceptions

Our hair. It's straightened, shaved, waved, blow dried, braided and streaked. We buy haircare products by the bucketful. Not to mention the world is awash in healthy hair tips, myths and misconceptions. Let's explore a few.

Myth #1: Those who want shiny hair rinse using cold water.

Truth: While I realize this sounds like one of the healthy hair tips, a cold water rinse doesn't result in shiny hair. As long as you don't use extremely hot water, which is damaging, to wash your hair, it simply does not matter how cold the rinse water is.

Myth #2: You will ruin your hair by coloring it.

In truth this is pure hogwash. Were this the case most stylists would be out of a job. Coloring is safe as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. It also helps to use gentle coloring products. It helps more if afterwards you use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair. In fact it's smart to use extra conditioner each time you wash your colored hair.

Myth #3: Always lather and rinse twice to get cleaner hair.

Truth: Not so. In fact over use of shampoos can damage your hair. So unless your hair is extremely oily shampooing once should suffice.

Myth #4 Trimming your hair frequently causes it to grow faster.

Truth: Hair growth is an individual thing somewhat dependent on diet. How fast it grows certainly does not depend on how often you trim it. All a trim does is to make your hair look neater by getting rid of split ends.

Still many women see their stylist often because they believe frequently trimmed hair grows faster.

Myth #5: If you've got fine hair is will stay limp no matter what you do to it.

Truth: Straight fine hair can be given added body by using hot rollers. After that simply add mousse and brush out well. Viola! More volume.

Myth #6: Each gray hair you pull out is replaced by several more.

No way is that old saw true. Still it's seldom a good idea to pull out any hair by the roots. You might develop a scalp infection or scar yourself by trying that. It's better to color your hair if you're worried about grays

Myth #7: For healthier hair brush your hair 100 strokes nightly.

Truth: That's a really famous myth that has been repeated for generations from mother to daughter. You'll also see it mentioned in some books about hair. But the truth is you never want to brush your hair except to style it.

Over brushing like this tends to weaken and damage your hair.

So there you have it. Seven healthy hair tips.