Guide to Growing Long Healthy Hair

Wondering how to grow long, healthy hair fast? This short but informative post is written for you. We have written it with guys in mind, but since hair is basically the same for each sex; it can also apply to women. Growing long, healthy hair takes time and patience. The following tips will help you make the process faster, however. If you really want to grow your hair, then follow this guide and you will have longer, healthier hair in less time than you thought!

Willpower is the first step. Ask yourself if you really want to let your hair grow long and healthy. There are no financial drawbacks because you will not need to go to the hairdresser for a while, but you may need a little more shampoo. However, while growing, the ends of your hair will split. You want to get rid of those split ends, but do it maybe twice a year. It's enough to keep your hair healthy while leaving it to grow longer faster.

If you wish to grow a healthy mane you want to take action to wash your hair at least every other day. As it grows longer, it won't feel dirty as fast as when it was short, but the oil still builds up at the roots. Remember that long, healthy hair is clean hair! Go back to combing and brushing. This step will help with blood circulation in your scalp and help you grow long, healthy hair fast. As your hair grows, you will have to get used to brushing it away from your face and ears; there is an awkward period when it won't hold, so use a bandanna or a hat during those months. You can also stick it with hair gel. Soon enough however it will be long enough to hold behind your ears.

Depending on how short your hair was when you began, within a year your new long, healthy hair will have reached your shoulders. From that point on you can decide whether you want to let it grow more, or keep it to that length. It's your choice. Now that you know how to grow long healthy hair fast, you don't have any reasons to wait for the hairstyle you always wanted!