Lustrous and Healthy Hair - The Dream of All Women

Your hair is your shining glory and it sure makes you look and feel attractive. People who love the idea of having, healthy and beautiful hair require sensible eating habits, proper care and hygiene and a little dedication and patience. Beauty of your hair depends on the quality of your hair and it has nothing to do with quantity or how long your hair is. As people with short hair can also have beautiful healthy hair.

Having lustrous looking hair is the dream of all women in the world and they are always ready to venture new horizons whenever there is a new product available in the market. Eating the right ingredients and exercising helps your entire body to blossom like a flower and each and every part is effected in a positive way.

Follow these healthy tips and have lustrous shiny hair:

o Always comb your hair straight to prevent breakage and dry your hair before combing as wet hair is very weak and breaks of easily.

o Vitamin E is the wonder food for beautiful hair wand if you start taking a daily dose of this pill you sure will have beautiful long hair.

o You should deep condition your hair with olive oil as it makes your hair retain its shine and luster.

o Drinking lots of water helps you to keep hydrated and gives your hair the healthy glow that you yearn for.

o Eat green and yellow fruits that are excellent source of Beta- Carotene. This nutrient not only makes your hair beautiful and healthy but aloes encourages healthy skin and nails.

o Your hair is made of proteins and you should also include a lot of proteins in your diet as lack of protein can cause thinning of hair and slows down hair growth.

o Drink water and also coconut juice twice a week as this is very good for your digestion and hair plus provides you with an overall body care.

o Increase the intake of fatty acids as they help to improve the overall hair texture and prevent it from becoming brittle.

o Silica is a very important ingredient for healthy hair as it gives you hair the sleek and shiny look.

o Zinc is essential for the growth of healthy hair so you should be careful to include a large amount of zinc in your diet as it helps in cell development and growth. So people should include a lot of chicken, seafood, eggs and almonds in their daily diet so that they can get the maximum healthy hair benefits.