Travel Curling Irons - What You Need to Know

If you thought that travelling means you can't look good then think again - travel curling irons change everything! These have been specially developed to fit into your bag and even to work in various countries that don't necessarily have the same voltage systems as your own. Just keep reading for more information.

The Benefits of Travel Curling Irons

When we're travelling, it's usually a pretty tight fit to get everything in a bag that's also easy to carry - especially if you need to be more mobile or are going to a number of different places. On top of this, airlines have various rules about what you can have in your hand luggage, so you really do need to plan ahead of time what you're going to bring.

But you don't need to leave your styling appliances at home. You can bring them with you and get those fantastic hairstyles wherever you go. Travel irons are small enough to fit in your bag, but they work well enough to ensure you'll still be able to achieve those beautiful curls!

Styles of Travel Versions

There are a number of different styles of travel curling irons available. In short, you can pretty much get the same styles as are available anywhere, but the only difference is that they are smaller and more compact. This means you can get a spiral version, triple barrel, 2 inch or whatever else it is that you need for your hair type or your styling needs. They are generally very light, meaning they will all be easy to carry.

Dual Voltage Options

When looking for a travel version, you may want to look for a dual voltage option. Why? Because this means that your iron will be better able to adapt to whatever voltage is used in the country you are going to. If you don't have a dual voltage version, you could find that it doesn't work, or it is a lot more week. Worse than that, though, is that it could do it damage and even short out the electricity supply! It's far better to be safer rather than sorry!


As you can see, choosing travel curling irons doesn't mean that you are limited in any way. In fact, many women prefer these simply due to the fact that they work just as well as traditional irons but are much easier to carry around wherever they need!

How to Have Healthy Hair for Women With Hair Loss Issues

An increasing number of women with hair loss problems are becoming awfully worried to find the permanent cure for this health issue. Many of them had wasted so much money just to go through hair transplantation and other relative cosmetic surgeries to get the locks that is adequately charming to the demanding public. Meanwhile, others are continuously searching for answers on how to have healthy hair for women.

There are other ways for curing hair loss problems aside from expensive cosmetic procedures the market can offer. The key to this problem is keenly identifying the causes of the hair failure. Let's say its lack of vitamin intake. You then know what to do next. A terrible loss of hair doesn't necessarily mean you got gene issues or a serious illness. It can be as uncomplicated as not having enough vitamins to keep your hair follicles in producing a healthy bouncy hair.

If you wonder how to have healthy hair for women, knowing the causes of baldness can help you recognize the solutions. One possible cause is hormonal problems that are the source of the making of hormones that contributes to baldness. A hormone called DHT when excessively produced has side effects. It creates imbalance that makes the hair follicles unable to produce shiny and healthy hair as it used to. Thus, it makes a woman appear bald. Baldness however occurs as people get older. But being old isn't the only case people start balding head. A great percentage of young people are seriously bald only because they are so much stressed. On the other hand, at a young age it is more often than not temporary and can still be resolved. What causes baldness and how can we prevent it?

Women love to style their hair and sometimes they are overdoing it. Over-styled and colored hair can give so much harm to your locks and it's a strong reason for it to fall out. Truth is it can even cause permanent balding. Bad eating habits can cause hair fall too. Pregnancy and stressful life events can lead to the same hair issue momentarily.

To stop balding, ways are really very easy. Practice a balanced diet. You can unquestionably benefit from it in numerous ways. For a shiny and healthy hair, get yourself foods that are rich in proteins and iron. In most cases, people who have gotten important fatty acids sport healthy hair. Plus, having multivitamins can help your body send the nutrients to the tips of your hair.

It is also advisable to get your hair trimmed in a regular basis. This is done to improve the condition of your locks to slash the damaged end parts.

Finally, consult your hair specialist for the exact hair products suitable for you. They know best and will surely be able to give you more tips on how to have healthy hair for women. A shampoo that is appropriate for you will promote growth and will keep your scalp clean and healthy.

Hair Scissors - Every Hair Salon Business Must Know

As we can probably observe, hair salons are a big part of the market for services today. It is actually no wonder why it has big market share nowadays because the rationale is simple: a lot of people want to be pampered, and one of the ways to be pampered is through ones hair. As funny as the thought may seem, but a lot of people do want to pamper their selves, relieve their stress and build their confidence through their hair. There is no universal reason that I can see, so perhaps the reason is relative for every person.

The hair is ones crowning glory. I have heard this being said in more times than I can remember. This is particularly true for women, since there are more styles available for a womans hair than a mans. Because the hair is said to be the crowning glory, this is probably why we see a lot of celebrities and personalities having different hair styles as they see fit for different events in glossy magazines. Indeed, I have seen a different hair style do wonders to a persons face. The right hair style can enhance the shape of ones face; soften, harden or emphasize it. If one thinks about it, getting into a hair salon business is a practical endeavor.

What is something that every hair salon never does without? The very first answer that comes to mind is the hair scissors. The hair scissors is the integral tool of every hair salon business, for it is the one used to style, cut and gives the look customers want for their hair. Indeed, it is a small tool that makes big wonders and great praises.

Hair scissors: making wonders

The right use, the right care and the right type of hair scissors will ensure you business profits. Why? Because people love style, and wonderingly, this little tool will give them style. The right scissors will enable you to give customers the style that they want, leaving them satisfied and planning to go back for more of another next time. This will give you customer camaraderie and trust, as well as more customers from word of mouth praises you will probably receive. Profits are then a definite part of your daily business. Hair scissors are indeed tools of style, and you need to be able to buy the right one to make sure it gives the style that satisfies.

Hair Scissors: how to find the right one

The most important thing you need to take note of when buying hair scissors is to keep in mind what you know of your business. If you know your business, your goals and your specific target market, you will know your scissors. The right hair scissors is the one that will be able to cater to what you want, so in looking for one, make sure that its type and structure can do just that.

Hair Scissors: the proper use and care

Just like with every tool, hair scissors are not indestructible. They need to be cared for properly in order to work the best that they can and in the way that you want them to work. When you buy one, maintenance of hair scissor care is crucial. They need to be regularly cleaned, at possibly hourly, not daily, intervals.

With the proper care, it is a given that you also use them properly. Trying to cut a hard board with hair scissors is a sure way to its diminished functionality.

Hair scissors, are the tool for every hair salon business. That is why one needs to understand why it is the force behind the big market for hair salon services, and how to care and use one properly when you have found the right one for you.

Start-up Guide to Hair Salon Furniture

Hair salon furniture is one of the major expense when starting a hair salon business. This is critical in giving a pleasant experience to the customers of your salon. Hair salon furniture includes styling chairs, shampoo chairs, facial steamers, massage table and other items such as rolling carts and cabinets. The furniture can be selected in accordance to interior look of the salon. The salon furniture should be selected to attract customers since properly chosen furniture will give a touch of professionalism to the salon.

Hair Styling Stations
Can be available as single station or space saving setup which can accommodate two, three or even four stylists. Hair styling stations could consist of extension drawers, glass retail shelves, fluorescent lights, coordinating mirrors, and storage cabinet. It may have power strips, holder for curling irons, blow dryer and clipper pockets.

Shampoo Chairs
Used for shampooing hair with a specially designed head rest. A comfortably designed one should be selected for a more positive experience by your customers.

Massage Tables
Used for massaging face as well as head. Head massage is also critical in hair treatment as it increases the blood circulation. It should however be done by trained massage therapist.

Reception Desk
Is also an important piece of furniture that may bring a distinctive appeal to your hair salon. The reception desk is the initial furniture that the customer sees when entering the hair salon Thus, it must let the customer feel the success and excellent grade of services provided by the salon.

The styling chair also adds fantastic ambiance to the salon's atmosphere. This chair should be comfortable in terms of posture so that customers can sit comfortably while waiting to be serviced. Hydraulic chairs are also available and worth looking at. They can be adjusted according to the height of the customer. The environment displayed and provided by the hair salon to it's customers must be in such a way that it relays the attractiveness, efficiency and class. Choosing the right furniture is very important in this regards. If you have a limited budget, there are discount stores or online auctions in which you can get them for reasonable price.

What is importance is getting the right blend of your equipment in terms of the ambiance it provides to the customers without sacrificing the functionality.

7 Keys to Building a Terrible Hair Salon Business

Today, the biggest problem of hair salons is not finding new clients nor the bad economy. The problem is to keep the clients coming back again and again with frequency. And the solution to the problem requires a different outlook that consists of two main principals. First, hair dressers must see themselves as an artist who makes changes in people's lives using their talent and sees their business as a journey between them and their clients as we mentioned in "Being the Picasso of Hair Designing". Second, they must see themselves as a businessman or a businesswoman who is aware of the challenges of doing business in today's world, because yesterday's business rules don't work anymore.

Now, there are many hair salons and this situation lowers the service prices and this causes the business to be underestimated. Therefore, hairdressers who want the big profits that their art deserves like in the past times must differentiate their business, stand out of the crowd and provide services in a professional way. So, the stylist who wants to build a terrible hair salon business must do business the old way with the old rules. And here's the old rules that we called the 7 keys to building a terrible hair salon business:

1) Do not Evaluate Your Clients' Visiting History

Have no idea about your clients' visiting information such as which clients of yours haven't been coming, which ones are loyal and more profitable, and which ones are beginning to visit less frequently. Neglecting these things cause you to be unaware of your client profile and to lose your business perspective. So, you won't realize when your clients left you or you will wonder where the big profits of past times are.

2) Do not Do Something Special For Them

Do not remember your clients on their special days or do not offer special deals that they can take advantage of on certain days. And, miss the chance of establishing a relationship or strengthening the relationship that already exists. So, don't make your clients feel unique or important to you and take one more step to build a terrible hair salon.

3) Do not Keep in Touch With Your Clients

Just forget them until they visit you again, if they visit you again because when the customers don't hear from you, they begin to think that you don't care about them and after a while they don't care about you. So, do not communicate or be visible to them and you will make it easy for them to choose another stylist.

4) Focus on the Short Term

"The biggest impediment to high performance is short term focus" says Marty Neumeier in his book ZAG. That is right, because quick money making efforts and reducing the marketing budget in tough economic times focuses on short term and always damages the future of businesses. Conversely, investing to create a great value for your clients creates differentiation, purchase and familiarity. So, focus on short term profit, don't invest the future of your business and guarantee your failure.

5) Do Not Innovate and Do Not Differentiate Your Business

Today any kind of business is required to be able to innovate at the speed of the market to stay alive. 10 years ago your business was different than today and is going to be different in a few years. As Charles Darwin said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change." So, keep doing what you have been doing and never innovate and differentiate your business, and let the others push you out of the game.

6) Be Content With Making Your Clients Just Satisfied

"A full 80% of customers are vulnerable to competitive offers, and fewer than 20% are willing to recommend your brand to others," says Marty Neumeier. You might think that your customers are fully satisfied with your services and just because of this they are not vulnerable to competitive offers. But your satisfied clients may only keep coming back to you till their attentions are pulled by a competitive offer because client satisfaction is a must now and is not enough anymore. You can think that 80% of your clients are satisfied and could leave you at any time. So, be happy with your satisfied clients and never ever think to exceed your clients' expectations to make them more than satisfied. Let your competitors do it and so let your clients go to your competitors.

7) Be Unaware of Your Place in Your Market

Do you know the growth of hair salon business last year? Let me answer, it was -3.7%. Do you know the anticipated number of hair salons that will go out of business in the next 18 months in the U.S.? It is 40,000. Probably the downsizing will continue this year. So, what do you plan to do? Did you measure your growth last year? Was it higher or lower than the market average? This information is important because if you don't know your statistics and your place in your market you can't know what caused your revenue growth or profit loss. So, be unaware of this information and do not have chance to plan for the future of your business in the right way.

We will discuss these 7 crucial basics in detail in future articles and explain what should be done.

Men's Long Hairstyles

Your hair is one of your greatest assets when it comes to your overall appearance. People, after looking at your face, will first see your hairstyle, and only then continue to analyze the rest of your body structure. It is, hence, quite important for you to take good care of your hair, and see that you make yourself appear chic and trendy all the time, with the help of the right hairstyle. Really, a good hairstyle will make you look like a trendsetter, even if the rest of you is draped in the drabbest and most boring home clothes, say your nightwear.

It is necessary for you to ensure that you exhibit just the right kind of hairstyle, in terms of length, cut, and comfort. The length of your hairstyle ought to depend, firstly, on your face cut. You ought to ask an expert hair designer or artist about this. For instance, if you have a round face, you will need a hairstyle that makes it appear longer, and hence, more attractive.

When it comes to the length, though, apart from the face cut, you also need to select the right kind for your exact hair texture. For instance, fine hair needs added bounce, and hence, you will have to try and keep the hairstyle as short and full of layers as possible, in order to add more volume to it.

Next comes the cut of the hairstyle. When I say cut, I mean the exact shape and style of cutting that a wedding hairstyle requires and makes use of. The number of layers, length of each of them etc. is very important here.

Lastly, we talk about the level of comfort that you achieve with a particular hairstyle. While most hairstyles are quite comfortable essentially, the one you select depends quite a bit on personal preference and liking. There are many people, for instance, who would consider a seventies hairstyle to be quite uncomfortable, but for all we know, you might be a complete fan of them, and might want something just like them.

Well, until now, we have talked about 'hairstyles' as a synonym for 'haircuts'. However, hairstyles also happen to include the way you set your hair for a particular occasion. For instance, you would want to curl or straighten your hair, and fashion it in a different and more strikingly elegant way for a formal dinner party, or just leave it lose, with a couple of accessories to go with it, while matching your step to the lively beat of the music at a rocking dance party.

Whether it is for a particular occasion or any event, though, and whether you want to follow a unique trend or match a classic hairstyle classic hairstyle that you absolutely love, you need to be sure that you are making the right decision, for I am sure you don't want to end up looking weird. Hence, repeating the advice given above, I would suggest that you consult a specialist, who will be able to guide you in the right direction, and do the needful to give you a hot, chic, hip new hairstyle.

How to Solve the Problem of Having the Same Hairstyle While Traveling - Travel Curling Iron

There are all types of women and men in this world. One category which has become quite widespread is that of people who are especially careful of their looks and who are always trying to keep it new and attractive. If you are one of these people then it is highly likely that you have had to face the problem of having the same hairstyle while on a trip somewhere.

When you had to go through the monotony of such a situation, you would have asked yourself about the reason why you could not carry your travel iron. The prompt and logical answer would be that a curling iron can be quite cumbersome and hence it is stupid to carry it on a trip. Just because you are away from home does not mean that you should have to look like the drab and boring person that you have always tried not to be.

The solution to such a dilemma of looks versus practicality comes in the form of the travel curling iron. A travel curling iron is particularly manufactured so that it allows you to have the maximum amount of comfort possible. This accessory does this by equipping you with a very adept device for doing your hair while at the same time not having to worry about the weight or the cumbersome factor. A travel curling iron is a specifically designed appliance that fulfills all the purposes of a normal curling iron and can also be compact to carry around. The compact nature of it comes from the fact that manufacturers design them in such a way that you can either fold them or disassemble them when you are not using them.

When you are on that extended vacation you can now with the help of the travel curling iron sport new hairstyles. Similarly, when you are on that small business trip or a series of mini professional trips, you can still leave an impression with your clients and contacts by being fully equipped with this appliance. There are a variety of irons available to you. Each travel iron differs on the basis of multiple variables such as size, color, technology and even style. Therefore, regardless of the type of hair that you have, there is a travel curling iron out there for you.

You can either purchase it from your local store or even better from the comfort of your home. If you are one of those busy professionals who do not have time to go to the market, the online medium of purchasing this appliance would be best suited to you. Apart from the fact that purchasing your iron from the internet is extremely quick and easy, you would also be able to have more options to choose from. This would facilitate a more comprehensive and informed purchase. Also, since the internet market is very competitive, you might even manage to get a good quality travel curling iron at affordable rates.

10 Best Foods For Your Healthy Hair

Taking care of your hair with shampoo and conditioner might not be sufficient for you to get hair that is really healthy and beautiful. If you really want to get the fresh, healthy, and shiny hair, you can consider your food. In short, do not only emphasize on outer treatment, but also emphasize on inside treatment through nutritious foods.

According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a dietitian from Chicago, your hair will grow about 1/4 - 1/2 inch every month. To grow normally, the basic material of new hair, skin, and nail is the nutrition you eat. Thus, if you eat healthy foods, your body cells will grow stronger and healthier both inside and outside.

Hair specialists also say that if you were born to have slight hair but normal, you will never have thick hair although you have tried to eat anything. However, with balanced diet that contains growth incentive protein and Fe, you may get different hair. Specialists also suggest consumers to alert for the use of supplements that are generally sold in the market to thicken or grow the hair.

The followings are 10 best foods for your healthy hair:

1. Salmon

You can get omega 3 that is high quality protein resource from salmon. This fish also contains vitamin B12 and Fe. Omega 3 is needed to strengthen scalp and if you are deficiency in this substance, your scalp will be dry and your hair will fall off easily.

2. Old green vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard are important resources of vitamin A and C. Your body needs them to produce sebum, a kind of oil that is produced by hair follicle to be natural conditioner for your hair.

3. Beans

Consuming kidney bean or pea is important for healthy hair because bean does not only provide protein to stimulate the growth of your hair. It is also rich in Fe, zinc, and biotin. To get the real benefit, a dietitian from America recommends consuming three cups of peas every week.

4. Ground nut

Ground nut from Brazil is one of the best natural resources of selenium, a kind of important minerals for your healthy scalp. Walnut contains linoleum alpha acid and omega 3 to repair hair condition, while some foods like almond, cashew peanut, and pecans are the essential resources of zinc.

5. Poultry meat

In fact, poultry meat like chicken and turkey have high quality protein that can make your hair healthier. Poultry meat also contains Fe that stimulates your body to get its benefit easily.

6. Eggs

Egg is one of the best protein resources you can find. It also contains biotin and vitamin B12 that are very essential to be beauty nutrition.

7. High fiber wheat

Because high fiber wheat contains zinc, Fe, and vitamin B, you can used to eat healthy wheat products like bread and cereal.

8. Oyster

Oyster might be known more as aphrodisiac, but it is also useful for healthy hair. The main key is its zinc as strong antioxidant.

9. Low fat milk products

Low fat milk products like skim milk and yogurt are essential calcium resources that are useful for hair. These foods also contain casein and whey as two high quality proteins.

10. Carrot

This vegetable is rich in vitamin A that can help to repair the health of scalp and eyesight. It is known that the health of scalp is important aspect for shiny hair, thus you can add carrot to your diet menu or the addition of salad beverage.

Guide to Growing Long Healthy Hair

Wondering how to grow long, healthy hair fast? This short but informative post is written for you. We have written it with guys in mind, but since hair is basically the same for each sex; it can also apply to women. Growing long, healthy hair takes time and patience. The following tips will help you make the process faster, however. If you really want to grow your hair, then follow this guide and you will have longer, healthier hair in less time than you thought!

Willpower is the first step. Ask yourself if you really want to let your hair grow long and healthy. There are no financial drawbacks because you will not need to go to the hairdresser for a while, but you may need a little more shampoo. However, while growing, the ends of your hair will split. You want to get rid of those split ends, but do it maybe twice a year. It's enough to keep your hair healthy while leaving it to grow longer faster.

If you wish to grow a healthy mane you want to take action to wash your hair at least every other day. As it grows longer, it won't feel dirty as fast as when it was short, but the oil still builds up at the roots. Remember that long, healthy hair is clean hair! Go back to combing and brushing. This step will help with blood circulation in your scalp and help you grow long, healthy hair fast. As your hair grows, you will have to get used to brushing it away from your face and ears; there is an awkward period when it won't hold, so use a bandanna or a hat during those months. You can also stick it with hair gel. Soon enough however it will be long enough to hold behind your ears.

Depending on how short your hair was when you began, within a year your new long, healthy hair will have reached your shoulders. From that point on you can decide whether you want to let it grow more, or keep it to that length. It's your choice. Now that you know how to grow long healthy hair fast, you don't have any reasons to wait for the hairstyle you always wanted!

Hair Salon Business Ownership: Video Marketing Is Real

Would you agree as a hair salon business owner that online videos are here to stay?

If you are nodding your head yes then my next question for you is, "is your salon business and services being represented online using video marketing?"

I hope the answer to both of the questions asked above is YES! If not let me tell you why video marketing is so important to the salon business owner, hair stylist, makeup artist and beauty professional in general.

The Beauty Industry:

Our industry is one of image, glamour and excitement. The best way for people to understand how something looks, how something is done or what goes together is to actually see it. Since, we are unable to be in front of everyone in the world at the same gives us the ability to capture the moment and details of what we do. Image is important in our line of work and video allows our images of different hair styles, makeup techniques, product education, do's and don'ts to be instantaneously seen by the masses. And yes everyone wants it now.

Draw traffic:

As a salon business owner we want to draw traffic. We want to be in a traffic jam when it comes to online video marketing. Google and other search engines love videos when used with keywords. A little unknown secret is that right now videos receive good rankings in the search engines because they are looking for multimedia - Universal Search. The search engines want to give people the best information possible on whatever topic they are searching. Lucky for us there are fewer videos being made compared to articles or traditional blogging. This leaves a huge opportunity for hair salon business owners to market themselves with video.

To give you an example, imagine that there are 150 people searching for two color blonde highlights. Of those 150 searches only 7 videos are made with this keyword in the search engines. The chances of those videos being on the front page of Google is pretty high. Using online video marketing this could possibly allow you to jump pass all of the 100+written articles and blogs and go straight to the top.

I would suggest that anyone with a hair salon or salon beauty business create a video of what they do because it can and will draw traffic to whatever you like - your website, your Facebook page, your product line, your blog....the sky is the limit and now is the time to capitalize on this avenue of income that can prove to be extremely profitable if done properly.

Discover right and wrong salon methods - and tips that will increase your profits by the end of the week.

Some Information and Direction to Encourage Healthy Hair Growth

Many people need a hair growth direction and information on growing their hair in a healthy way. There are some things you can do to promote hair growth that are cost effective and natural. On average human hair grows at about half an inch a month and if you live a healthy lifestyle you will find your hair will also grow.

1. Make sure you condition your scalp with an all natural conditioner and massage it for circulation.

2. Follow a high protein diet along with vitamin E and D to increase your hair growth.

3. Brush your hair starting from the ends and working your way toward the root. Also get the ends trimmed to get rid of split ends and damage. You can also hold your head upside down for about 20-30 seconds a day to promote hair growth by awakening the hair follicles.

4. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables and add protein to your diet; a good example of this is soy products like tofu. A wide variety of beans contain protein as well as meats and eggs. Drink lots of water and stay away from drugs and alcohol; try to stick to a healthy diet instead.

5. When your hair is wet, don't brush it as it will only cause breakage to your hair and this isn't a good direction to go in when trying for healthy hair growth; instead use a wide tooth comb. If you have noticed damage from coloring or perming, use a good conditioner to help bring back moisture to your hair. If you blow dry your hair, use a heat protection product to prevent damage.

6. To make your hair grow faster try using a tried and tested hair oil. A good one will stimulate the growth of your tresses as well as help induce blood flow to the scalp

7. Some hairstylists recommend taking prenatal vitamins to promote hair growth. Some have noticed their hair has grown as fast as 2 inches in 3 months instead of taking 4 months.

8. Wash your hair at least once a week, every week and avoid putting too many chemicals on it. At night wrap your hair in a silk scarf to avoid pulling and damage during the night.

9. Use a good conditioner when you wash your hair and don't buy on the cheap. Add niacin and other vitamins to your daily diet for hair growth acceleration. Get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks to cut off dead ends and keep it looking neat.

If you do just a few of these tricks you will be heading in the right hair growth direction.

One Sure Way to Get a Perfect Hairstyle - Everytime

I sometimes feel sorry for my hairdresser, who has to put up with me coming in and saying "give me something different," or - I want a short hairstyle for summer, etc.

He has a lot of hairstyle magazines in the waiting area, so many times he grabs one of them and starts to show me samples of what he thinks I might like.

As I sat there waiting for him to find something, I realized what a rough job he had. In fact, we were talking one day as he was trying to figure out what kind of short trendy hairstyle he could make out of my current medium hairstyle when he confessed that he did much better when people brought in pictures of hairstyles they liked.

He told me that one day a man came in and asked for a dangerous-looking hairstyle

Now, even though my hairdresser is always up-to-date on the latest hairstyles (both men's hairstyles and womens hairstyles,) he had no idea what this guys impression of dangerous was. He looked kind of worried when he told that me since he had no clue, he just gave the guy a typical men's hairstyle. He wasn't sure if the guy was satisfied or not.

I know that men's hairstyles cost around $20 (womens hairstyles tend to be a LOT more), and if you're going to pay that kind of money for something, you should get what you want - especially if you tell the hairdresser what you want!

And that's the missing link. When you ask the hairdresser for something different, but you don't have pictures of hairstyles you like, you'll end up with the same old thing. In this case, both parties lost. The hairdresser was not happy because he didn't think he gave the customer the mens hairstyle that he wanted; the customer was not happy because he had been all excited about his new dangerous look, only to end up with the same haircut he always got.

Is there a solution to this problem. Sure! Whenever possible, always bring your hairdresser pictures of what you have in mind. I even take pictures of people on the television and bring them in. He wants a picture so bad he'll even watch a video tape of a person with my vision of a short trendy hairstyle just to get an idea of what I have in mind.

He really just needs a clue as to what you might be looking for in a new hairstyle. Medium length? Long? Shorter? I found out the hard way that he really has a different opinion of how short a short trendy haircut should be (on me) - That's a mistake I'll never make again

Now, with all the new technology out there, there is a way to put on virtual hairstyles and see what you might look like in them before you go in for your hairstyle. I do this all the time, and it has saved me time (growing back hair), and money when I get what I want the first time.

Curling Irons For Travel

There is no reason why you have to worry about packing all of your hair styling tools with you when you travel as long as you take a look at the travel curling irons that are available on the market today. When you are getting ready to go on any sort of a trip, it is nice to know that you can bring along all of the items that you need to feel comfortable. For some people, this may mean making sure that you have a curling iron handy so that you can quickly change up your look depending on your mood or the outing that you will be going on. Luckily, with the help of travel versions, you too can bring your iron with you in order to give yourself the curls that you need wherever you are and whenever you need them.

As you look at the many benefits of travel curling irons, you are going to see that they can come in quite handy no matter what kind of trip you will be taking. Whether you want a small version to toss in your bag to take to the gym or you are looking for one that you can put in your luggage to fly away for vacation, it is nice to have an iron that you can take with you to curl your hair in a pinch. Today, the varieties that are available for travel are not only quite compact, but they are also just right for getting you the hairstyle that you are looking for.

When it comes to the varieties of irons that you can get in travel sizes, you can pretty much purchase on the go tools that will work just like the models that you will buy to keep at home. Travel versions of irons for curling hair will include the normal barrel sizes anywhere from one inch to two inches or even triple barrel or spiral models. It goes without saying that you do not have to settle for any old hairstyle simply because you will be traveling and on the go. The major difference with these travel models is that they will be lighter, compact or even foldable so that they are easy to take along wherever you will be traveling to.

Are you going to be traveling abroad to a region that has different outlets than you are used to at home? There are nice travel curling irons that will have a dual voltage option or even come with an adapter so that you never have to worry about whether or not the curling tool that you brought with you will work in your hotel room while you are abroad.

All in all, you should never think that you will be limited in your style options simply because you are opting for a travel model that you can take with you wherever you go. The travel curling irons that are available for purchase on the market today are just right for helping you to create all of the hottest styles that you have grown accustomed to creating on a daily basis.

What Are Foods to Avoid For Healthy Hair?

Hair plays an important role in developing the personality of every individual, be it male or female. Shiny, lustrous and strong looks are the indication of healthy body and healthy mind. However, due to improper eating habits, many people experience unhealthy and weak hair growth. Unhealthy food impairs the body mechanism and triggers hair damage and hair loss.

In addition, as you grow older, several factors affect the texture of your hair. Nevertheless, through proper hair care, you can still have healthy hair, if you start avoiding certain foodstuffs, and exercise regularly.

Thus, if you suffer from hair loss, brittle hair, grey hair, then here are the foodstuffs that you need to avoid at any cost.

Foods to Avoid For Healthy Hair

1. Stop consuming junk food:

Junk food such as chips, fries, aerated drinks and other types of junk foods are very unhealthy. They contain additives and oil, which are harmful for your body. They encourage chemical imbalance and impair the body, which in turn, results in hair loss and excessive dandruff.

2. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and soft drinks:

Alcohol and soft drinks do not have any nutritional value. Moreover, they hamper the assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Nutrients are responsible for better growth of hair. Hence, consumption of alcohol and soft drinks degrade the quality of hair and leads to thinning of your hair. In addition, nicotine and caffeine destroy Vitamin C present in the body. Thus, your hair becomes dull, dry and lacks shine.

3. Avoid soy protein shakes:

Protein shakes that contain soy proteins offered at food stores and gyms are very unhealthy, because soy isolate requires hexane (a petroleum solvent) for refining purpose. It can lead to hair loss, so it is best to avoid such drinks.

4. Stay away from cholesterol rich eatables:

Foods containing high amount of cholesterol and saturated fats increase the DHT levels. DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is an endocrinal secretion. In addition, increased levels of DHT destroy the hair follicles.

5. Limited use of common salt:
Excessive consumption of common salt also damages hair follicles. Use salt, which contains iodine for cooking purpose, as it is vital for hair growth.

6. Steer away from foodstuffs that claim to contain artificial flavor or natural flavor:

Avoid foods that claim to contain natural flavor or artificial flavor, because such ingredients are grown using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

7. Be watchful if you use spices:

Spices are healthy, but only if you use them in adequate proportion. Some companies include lot of salt, chemicals, pepper and oregano in spices, which are detrimental for your hair.

Avoid Chemical Sweeteners And Foods Containing Splenda

Sweeteners such as sucrose, fructose and dextrose destroy essential vitamins such as E, K and C from the body, which are vital for healthy hair. Lack of such vitamins stop hair growth and make them dull and fragile. So, avoid consuming chocolates, drinks, desserts that contain these chemical sweeteners.

Certain puddings, sauces, fillings, health products, soups, syrups, baked goods, ice cream, toppings and chewing gums contain Splenda. Splenda is an unnatural and synthetic product, which increases allergies, appetite and depression, resulting in hair loss.

Apart from unhealthy eating habits, malnutrition is another factor for hair loss. Therefore, eat balanced foods to have lustrous, strong and healthy hair.

How to Start a Hair Salon Business

The hair salon business is all about customer satisfaction. Those salons that have happy customers thrive and grow. Those that have a problem with customer satisfaction will not grow, will not get referrals and will eventually lose customers, and go out of business. The message here is if you are not a people person, then this business may not be for you. A salon needs to be a pleasant place to visit and spend an hour or so. The beauticians need to be skilled and friendly. They need to be efficient in their work and professional in the service they provide.

A person with the knowledge, licenses, some business skills and the desire to work for themselves can be successful in this business. The first step, after putting in your time to learn the business, may be renting a space in an existing salon. This arrangement will allow you to gain more experience without going fully out on your own. Be careful about any contract you sign when doing this so you do not limit what you can do in the future. This is a way to build a following that will stay with you when you open your own shop. Depending on where you live, you may or may not be able to start in your own home. Zoning laws about home businesses will determine if this is a possibility. If not, it will take some money to start a shop, in the typical strip mall or small business corner. You may consider doing this with a partner and there by cut the expenses a little. You could also rent space to another beautician with her own following. In fact this may be a way to get a very nice salon off the ground with a bang.

A hair salon these days can be far more than just doing hair. It can also do nails, offer massages and body wraps. It could be part of a workout complex or part of a larger hotel or motel complex. The secret to growing a business like this is foot traffic and referrals. Starting from scratch is the hard way to go, but it is the least expensive out of pocket cost, compared with buying an existing shop and its client list. The problem with buying an existing shop is the customer list while valuable could also be very unstable. A buyer would have to make it part of the contract that a certain percentage of the clients must remain customers. The known entity has value and the location, but the client list can be hard to value.

Using a business broker correctly

A business broker may have listings in your area of shops that are for sale. Check with them and local papers for businesses for sale. Use the Internet to expand your search and the list of business brokers that may be able to help you find the perfect shop for you to buy. A solid broker can be of real service and speed up the process of finding what you are looking for. They also are very good at negotiating the deal and the terms if they are needed. Brokers that have been in the business for a while are excellent sources for getting answers to your questions. If they do not know the answer they know where to find it. A business broker can be of service and value far above what you will need to pay for their help. If nothing else they can evaluate the price of the business to see if it is fair. The fact is most of these professional brokers help far more than telling you the price is fair for the business you are considering.

You have the desire, but not all of the money

This is a common problem when buying a business. Where to find and get the extra money needed is part of the problem solving that is needed when buying a business. A loan from your friendly banker, a second mortgage on your home, a loan from family or friends and finally terms with the present owner are typical ways to come up with the money needed to buy a business. The first three are fairly obvious to understand. The answer is usually a quick yes or no. Terms from the current owner will depend on several factors. How much of the total price can you come up with and still have money left to operate the business. How much of the total price does the owner need right now? Are they going to stay in the area or move? This can be an important factor in making a deal How much of a premium over the cash out price are they going to demand if you want to buy on terms? How long will they give you to pay off the balance of the agreed to price? Terms are a matter of how badly they wish to sell, how much they will need to carry back in paper and what you can afford to pay back on a monthly basis. If the term price is high enough this could cement the deal. If they are just tired of the business and ready to retire, then you may be in a strong position to negotiate. In any event, this is a common way to make up the short fall between the money you have available and the asking price.

There is one other source you may try. The Internet list many businesses that make loans to business buyers to complete the purchase. These companies understand this type of loan and can evaluate it better than most lenders. It is certainly worth checking out if you need the extra money to make the purchase happen. The worst-case scenario is you have to go back to the owner and pay a higher price for the business to get the terms you need.


The beauty business is alive and a growing niche in the business world. People will pay good money to look their best and the salon is able to make that happen. When a shop is opened in a mall or a strip of commercial establishments, the traffic will help it grow right from the start. If the service is good, a loyal customer can be obtained. This is money in the bank as this business is all about customer care and satisfaction. Repeat customers guarantee cash flow and also referrals. As the business grows the fixed expenses stay relatively constant so the profit margin will grow significantly. There are several ways to enhance the business and improve cash flow. An owner can rent out chair space or just hire new employees as needed. The business can offer other services such as nails and massages etc. Beauty takes care to maintain and customers in this business are willing to pay for its maintenance. If they feel a new service will help with their appearance, they will spend the money for it. This business is not a costly business to start like many other new businesses. An existing salon may be quite a bit more in cost to buy, but the immediate cash flow will help it succeed.

10 Essential Foods For a Healthy Hair Program

We Are What We Eat - Don't Forget It

When it comes down to it, healthy hair isn't the result of what you put on it but rather of what you feed it with.
We all know lathering & rinsing a couple of times is the regular procedure for washing your hair but shampoo and conditioner alone won't give you the healthy hair you desire.

We are what we eat! Luxurious locks, bright, shiny hair doesn't come out of bottles. You will need to do more FOR your hair rather than TO your hair even when using the very best shampoos & conditioners that money can buy.
Your hair grows between 5 to 12 centimeters every month, and the very basis of all of our new skin; hair & nail growth starts with the nutrients we eat. Remember, We are what we eat; if you eat healthily, stronger and healthier cells will grow throughout your entire body, both internally & externally.

Miracles wont happen just because you start to look after yourself & control what you eat, for instance: if you were born with fine, thin hair, you'll never have thick voluminous locks, no matter what you eat, but a well-balanced diet that includes plenty of growth-promoting protein and iron should make a difference to the health & well being of your hair.

Don't get carried away & start looking for dietary supplements for your hair, often marketed to increase the growth rate or to thicken it up. They may just backfire & are likely to leave you disappointed.

You can find beauty supplements in most stores but try to get the nutrients from the foods you eat whenever possible, spend a little more time finding out what you need & read food labels & information a little more. A care point here; excess's of certain nutrient supplementation, such as vitamin A, has been linked to hair loss.

Healthy Eating & Quality Control Program for your beautiful hair.

1. Salmon: this high-quality protein source is filled with essential omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin B-12 and iron. Fatty acids are needed to support scalp health. A deficiency here can result in a dry scalp, leading to dry hair, giving it a dull look. When it comes to foods that pack a beauty punch, it's hard to beat salmon. If you are vegetarian, try one or two tablespoons of ground flaxseed, included in your daily diet, for some plant-based omega-3 fats.

2. Spinach, broccoli and Swiss chard are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum. This oily substance, secreted by your hair follicles, is the body's natural hair conditioner. Dark green vegetables also provide iron and calcium.

3. Beans & pulses are really good for your hair, as are legumes & with kidney beans and lentils, should be an important part of your hair-care diet. Not just providing plentiful protein to promote hair growth but ample iron, zinc, and biotin. While rare, biotin deficiencies can result in brittle hair. A recommended quantity of lentils etc is three or more cups of lentils or beans each week.

4. Nuts, in particular Brazil nuts are one of nature's best sources of selenium, an important mineral for the health of your scalp. Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid that may help condition your hair & are also a great source of zinc as are pecans, almonds & cashew nuts. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding; just ensure nuts are a regular feature on your healthy hair program.

5. Make sure poultry appears in your program, chickens and turkeys provide high-quality protein, which will help improve the health of your hair. Without adequate protein or with low-quality protein, weak or brittle hair may be experienced whilst major deficiencies in protein may lead to loss of hair color. Poultry also provides iron, which has a high degree of bioavailability, which means your body should easily gain benefits.

6. Eggs: When it comes to healthy hair, it doesn't matter how you like your eggs, fried, boiled, scrambled or over easy. Whichever way they're served up, eggs are one of the best sources of protein around. In addition, they also contain vitamin B-12 & biotin, important beauty nutrients.

7. Get your teeth into hearty whole grains, including whole-wheat bread and fortified whole-grain breakfast cereals. Containing zinc, iron, and B vitamins for a hair-healthy program. A whole-grain snack makes a great filler when your energy levels are waning mid-afternoon, with an absolute age to go before dinner.

8. Oysters: better known for their reputation as an aphrodisiac, but they can certainly assist in promoting healthy hair, providing zinc, a powerful antioxidant. An acquired taste & pretty expensive I think, so if you are not ready for this just yet, an ample substitute yielding zinc, is readily available in beef or lamb, in addition to the whole grains & nuts already being consumed.

9. An important mineral for hair growth is calcium, readily available in low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yogurt, also containing whey & casein 2 other high quality protein sources. A pot of Yogurt or cottage cheese make great mini snacks; take one to work & try stirring in a couple of teaspoons of ground flaxseed or walnuts to further boost your omega-3 fatty acids and zinc intake to your healthy hair program.

10. To help promote a healthy scalp, carrots, containing vitamin A will also help to improve your vision so that you will take even more pleasure when you see the end results of your healthy hair program. Take a couple of carrots to work, eat them as a fill in snack, and use them grated or shredded on a salad. Remember, from a healthy scalp you will see a well-conditioned, shiny head of hair.

Thanks for looking this time. See you next time. Sam.

Hair Salon Marketing - 3 Ideas To Get More Clients In Your Salon

When you graduate from cosmetology school, your professors made sure that you knew everything you need to know about styling hair. You were taught how to cut, color, wash, blow dry, flat iron, and style hair in addition to learning about sanitation and more. However, what most schools don't teach you is how to run a salon business, and more importantly how to get a clientele and grow it. The key to having a successful salon business is a good clientele base, and here are 3 ideas for how to get one.

Direct Mail & Email - With Promotional Offer

Who have you told that you are now in business? If your answer is no one then here is your first idea: tell all of your friends and family. Use the names and email addresses or physical mail addresses of everyone you know and send them a flyer letting them know that you are now in the hair styling business and currently taking clients. Include your location and contact information as well as pictures of the work that you have done.

To really entice them to give you a try, offer them their first appointment free. After all, if they try you and like you, they are going to keep coming, so giving away a free appointment will be worth it to you in the long run.

You can also send out a physical mailer to homes in the neighborhood surrounding your salon. While these might not be people you know, there might be several people in that list that could utilize your services.

Community Periodical Ad - Church Bulletins, School Flyers,

Advertising can be extremely expensive and unaffordable, especially for a hair salon. However, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done; it should just be done in a more thoughtful way. Placing an ad in a church bulletin near your salon or in school flyers that kids bring home to their parents is a great way to advertise. Many times churches and schools offer sponsorship opportunities in their circulars or periodicals that can be a great resource for neighborhood and community businesses. They are also usually very inexpensive. You can also test an ad in churches and school in communities just outside the location of your salon to help increase your reach.

The Beauty of Referrals

The most effective of all marketing campaigns is the referral. Nothing brings in more customers to any business than referral. There is something about one person recommending to another person a product or service that they have used. Most of the time when someone recommends something to you, you try it. This is why you need referrals in your hair salon business.

A great way to get referrals is to offer your current customers a discount on their bill every time they refer a friend to your salon. When a woman has a great hair style, she is complimented by other people all day long, which the best time for her to share where she got such a great hair style. Just imagine the number of people she might tell about you when she leaves your salon! And that's the power of the referral.

Another referral program you might try is to have "bring a friend" week where you invite your customers to bring a friend with them to their next appointment and let them both get 50% off their bill. These are just ideas that you can try, but they are worth trying if it means more customers.

Marketing your business is important if you want to be successful. So take these 3 ideas, construct a plan for your business, and take action!

Discover What a Travel Curling Iron Can Do for You

Travel curling iron is the latest boom in the industry and has become one of the best selling products of today owing to the convenience that it can be carried comfortably and used wherever in the world. If you are worried of losing your signature hairstyle when away from home, a travel hair curler will never let you worry. It would be the best investment for people who require frequent traveling for business purposes and can look the best even when not at your place. They are designed with lightweight and compact profile that makes it easier for anyone to fit the tool inside their bag. If you are worried of the voltage requirement of your iron, then these travel irons are equipped with a variety of voltage variations to suit the voltage requirement of anywhere in the world. If you choose the curling iron that is not designed with voltage variations, then you may not be able to use it at certain parts of the globe. In such a condition, you should always look for the professional traveling curling tool that can be used anywhere with ease and can be carried comfortably with your luggage.

Several types and designs of travel curling irons are available today. You can pick out from the devices that are provided with removable barrels that come in foldable forms so that it can be easily taken with you. This feature makes them portable stuffs that fit in any luggage for travels. You can also store it safety at your home when not in use. They do not take too much space. The convenience and portability features of these curling irons make them highly preferred among the business class who are looking for something that can be easily carried with them to retain their hairstyle regardless of the place. Travel models are the best choice if you are planning to spend several days at your favorite destination for holidays. You need not have to keep away from holiday snaps worrying about your horrible hair conditions. You can also style your hair after spending the whole day in sea. You can also keep it with you in your office so that you can look best during office hours too.

Article Marketing - How to Promote a Hair Loss Business With Article Writing

Someone with severe hair loss condition will be searching actively for information related to hair treatments. The opportunity to promote your hair business on the Internet arises. Here is how you can promote your hair company with article writing.

Step 1: Write about the causes of hair loss.
Step 2: Write about different treatment programs.
Step 3: Invite readers to visit your corporate website.

Step 1: Write about the causes of hair loss.

Hair loss can arise due to different reasons. For instance, it may be related to stress, or it may be related to genetics. As an expert in the hair industry, you can always share your knowledge with the general public. Write articles that explain how such problems come about. Help the reader understand the hair problems that he or she is encountering. Hair loss for men and hair loss for women are usually caused by different factors. Explore those factors in your articles. You will find that you need to use many different hair related keywords in your content.

Step 2: Write about different treatment programs.

The readers are actively searching for good treatment plans that will solve their hair problems. Here is where your expert advice becomes valuable. If you can provide some insight as to how to solve the problems, the reader will be curious and would want to find out more.

Step 3: Invite readers to visit your corporate website.

At the end of the article, invite the readers to visit your website to learn more about the different hair treatment programs that you offer. On your website, entice the prospect with trial offers. Or you can offer a free consultation for first-timers.

Also, for SEO purposes, don't forget to include the location of your hair business in the HTML links. Include the City as part of the anchor texts.

Hairstyle Trends for Curly Hair

Curly hairstyles are back again with a combination of new technology and innovation. Curls, tussels, waves and twists are simply a matter of convenience, less time, less investment and lots of fun. From those who have natural curls to those who apply curls for a stylish look, a range of hairstyles for curly hairs are available to suit all kinds of formal gatherings and informal get together as well. The only disadvantage of curls is that it is more prone to frizz and split ends, so one needs to take additional care of the curls.

Curls can be obtained using various tools available in the market. Hair rollers and rolling pins are the easiest way to add body and texture to the hair. They create soft and lasting curls that can be incorporated into a variety of styling options. Technology has also come up with different curling irons that are most effectively used today. Affordable, reliable and attractively designed curling irons can give just the required curls with minimum effort and fuss. Various irons used by professionals include the ceramic curling irons and the triple barrel curling irons. Travel curling irons, steam irons, brush curling irons, spiral irons, marcel irons and flat curling iron are various other irons that are widely available in the market.

From short to medium and long hair length there are various hairstyles for people with curly hairs. Through the years many women have emulated short curly hairstyles that are smashing and funky. Be sure to shampoo and condition locks and then use a ceramic curling iron to create bouncy curls, something that looks amazing. Other short hairstyles for curly hair include curly updos, wet bun, messy curls, loose curls, light waves and many more.

Apart from using curling irons these hairstyles can also be achieved using foam rollers, rag rollers, hook and loop style roller set and wet pin curl set. Medium length curls and long curly hairstyles can never compete with curly short hairstyles but yet there are women who prefer keeping mid length curly hairstyles and long curls with versatile styling options. The best style for long curly hairs includes an updo, loose ringlets or a pony tail. Long curly hair is difficult to maintain and requires frizz easers to give volume and texture to the hairstyle.

There are many people who are blessed with natural curls. There are various styling options to give texture and body to the natural curls. Depending on the volume of the curls various hairstyles for naturally curly hairs have come up in the fashion trend and are more remarkable aspect of many of the celebrities for a smashing, classic and eloquent look. Thick hairs are unmanageable and are resistant to perm and defined curls. They require smoothing shampoo, condition and anti frizz serums to provide moisture to the hair. Creating ringlets, updos, corn rows, crimps, classic proms and a partial knot leaving the rest of the curls falling down are few of the counted hairstyles for thick curly hairs.

For any kind of curls and twists good shampoo and conditioner is required to maintain the healthy look of the curls. It also requires frequent trimming and make sure that the right brush is used for the brushing the curly hair. Whether it is natural curls or artificial, they can be easily maintained to give a lasting and smoothing effect.

Tips For Wedding Morning Hairstyling

If you plan to do your own hair know this: Your wedding morning is NOT, I repeat, is not like any other day! You will be stressed even if you don't feel stressed. Stress for some makes them get quiet, for some emotional and for others kind of well, you know bridzilla. But a well planned thought out morning will make all the difference.

1. Practice, practice! Time your practice session and make a list of all of the tools and products you will need. If you are not going to be in your home, you will need to plan ahead of time and pack well.

2. If you are doing your hair at your home put everything in a basket and hide it away to bring out fresh and ready for your special day.

3. Schedule times for showers if the house is full of family and guests. (You matter most, allow yourself this indulgence.)

4. Make sure there is a mirror and a counter or table to work from. ( not a steamy slippery sink) Note: If there is a need for others to shower, set up a blow dry station outside of the bathroom so the time line stays on course.

5. Make sure there are proper outlets where ever it is you will be doing your own hair, if not bring a power bar and extension cord. Older inns and Bed & Breakfast's may not have as many outlets or one near good lighting.

6. Put all of your pretty under things on first and cover up with a button down shirt or robe. This way after hair and makeup are done, just slip into your gown!

Is a stylist traveling to you?

1. Give exact, adequate directions and phone numbers. Many times brides give the directions they follow and forget the stylist may be coming from the opposite side of the highway. Or make sure she has GPS.

2. Have a spot prepared and set up for the stylist to work. It can be a large bath room, a well lit dining room or kitchen. Put out hot pads or thick towels to protect surfaces from hot tools.

3. The stylist does not need a mirror to mimic her work environment but you will want one. But she does need good lighting.

4. Don't assume the stylist can do extra people last minute. Make sure everyone who is having their hair done is mentioned ahead of time and arrives promptly. If and only if all of the assigned people are done then ask if some one can be added in.

5. Be ready yourself. The worse thing for me was when brides were not ready for me upon my arrival as some stylist may have another wedding planned after yours. In planning your morning allow extra time for interruptions. They will occur.

Are you going to a salon?

1. Schedule your wedding day hair appointment at least eight weeks ahead or as soon as your date is open in the computer system.

2. Have a trial run practice session at least a month ahead and bring a picture of your dress and your headpiece with you to the salon. Bring a trusted friend to take photos of your hair styles in stages and from all sides once completed. This is worth the added cost to your bottom line, trust me.

3. Record your travel time from the salon to where you are getting dressed. Consider the day of week and if church will be letting out or if a holiday parade will be in the way on your wedding.

4. Add on extra time for getting dressed and make-up if the salon is not applying it.

5. Ask for more than one stylist to help with the wedding party. Three stylists for a party of six is the best bet for staying on schedule.

6. Schedule all nail appointments for the day before, this also saves time.

7. Don't expect to get your favorite stylist to do your wedding hair if you desire an intricate Up-do. This is a specialty service and best left for the salon's up-do expert or team.

8. Don't forget your veil. I can't tell you how many brides have. Put it in the car the night before or on the door you will be leaving from. Have the stylist show someone from the wedding party how to remove it for later in the day.

However you choose to start your wedding morning, start it well rested, well planned and beautiful!

Healthy Hair - Strong and Shiny Hair - Proteins, Minerals, Vitamins

Before you rush off and spend significant amounts of money on hair revitalizing products, you may need to check out what is missing from your diet that could be causing your hair problem.

What we eat has a profound effect on our outward appearance as well as our overall well-being. Healthy, strong and shiny hair is a sign of a well-nourished body.

To achieve and maintain a healthy head of hair, a daily diet should include proteins, minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids and water.


Strengthens hair to protect it from becoming dry and brittle. Protein rich foods can be found in fish, lean meats, poultry, cereals, eggs and dairy foods.


Minerals play a major role in healthy hair production and growth, these include:

Iron carries oxygen to the hair. Insufficient iron will starve the hair follicles which in turn, can lead to hair loss. Include red meat, eggs, legumes and dark green, leafy vegetable in your diet.

Zinc prevents hair loss. Meat, fish, seafood, egg yolks and wheat germ have a high content of zinc.

Copper is needed for hair structure and is involved in the pigmentation of hair. Eat plenty of copper rich foods, fresh leafy vegetables, almonds, seeds, whole grain cereals, meat and liver. A copper deficiency can lead to dry brittle hair, premature greying hair and hair loss.

Calcium is essential for healthy hair growth. Found in foods such as dairy, fish, nuts, lentils and sesame seeds.


Make sure your diet contains all the necessary vitamins that help in the growth of healthy hair.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps to produce healthy sebum (oil) in the scalp. It is found in carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe and apricots.

Vitamin B Complex: because these vitamins are water soluble and therefore not retained by the body, try to incorporate a daily intake of Vitamin B rich foods. For healthy, strong hair we should concentrate on pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5), biotin (Vitamin B7) - also referred to as the "hair-growth vitamin", Vitamins B6 and B12. Sources are: green vegetables, cauliflower, carrots, peas, sunflower seeds, walnuts, bananas, mushrooms, salmon, sardines, brown rice and egg yolks and brewers yeast.

Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and assists in metabolizing B vitamins and amino acids into the body. Lack of vitamin C can cause dry hair. Rich sources of Vitamin C are found in citrus fruits, berries, green vegetables and tomatoes.

Vitamin E increases scalp circulation which is vital for hair growth, prevents dryness and adds natural shine to hair. Sources are avocado, nuts, dark green vegetables, whole grains and rice bran.

Essential Fatty Acids

Healthy hair also needs two essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, that are not produced naturally by the human body.

Omega-3 fats: promote healthy, shiny hair - found in flax oil, algae, cold-water fish, dark-green vegetables, hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil

Omega-6 fats: play a very important role in stimulating skin and strong hair growth - sources are borage, evening primrose oil, safflower oil, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, corn and pumpkin seeds.


One quarter the weight of a strand of hair is made up of water. When hair has adequate amounts of water, it will respond by being supple and shiny. Water is essential for healthy hair growth. Contrary to popular belief, drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day doesn't have to be in the form of glasses of water. All foods and non-alcoholic drinks count toward the goal.

Celebrity Hairstyles and Hairstyle Trends

As we said good-bye to 2005 we also said good-bye to the top 2005 Celebrity hairstyles. Everywhere you looked, you could see celebrities with many different and fashionable hairstyles from short and sweet to long and elegant, from curly or wavy to up-styles. No matter what the style these celebrities were wearing, they made a fashion statement that everyone else followed after.

Two of the most popular celebrities that hit the scene were Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. Each of these celebrities had a hairstyle that no one else could touch and until recently, many of us only dreamed we could have a Jennifer Aniston Sedu hairstyle or a Jennifer Lopez Sedu hairstyle. The secret behind their gorgeous hairstyle is of course partly due to the sedu flat iron, not to mention what they do prior to using this wonderful sedu flat iron. They both must use a conditioning shampoo and then dry well and again add more conditioning to assist in straightening their hair and making it very soft and flexible. The next step in the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle is to add equal parts of shaping gel and calming serum massaged into the hair. Using a big round hairbrush and your blow dryer, you will be simulating how Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyle is created. The next thing these two Celebrities have done is the flattening with the sedu flat iron.

Now if we decide to wear a Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle or a Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyle we can have practically the same except we will be creating the style in the privacy of our homes without all those expensive stylists, unless we have the desire to go out and find one that will treat us just as special.

Will the 2006 hairstyles give us the same great looks with celebrity hairstyles or is there a change a coming? The new in fashion for celebrity hairstyles, or what designers are saying, is that short hair is coming back in style. The bob is one of the hairstyles that is making its way to the big screen and all around Hollywood. This celebrity hairstyle is easy to manage, looks great, and may become the top 2006 hairstyle. Curls are coming back as well in all kinds of lengths from short to long and romantic.

I guess we will have to wait and see if the Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle or the Jennifer Lopez sedu hairstyle will be one of the prominent celebrity hairstyles in 2006 or if someone else with a bob style or a curly style makes the headlines.

Opening Your New Hair Salon Or Spa

If you're interested in opening your own hair salon or spa, a business plan may not be the first thing on your mind. There is a seemingly endless number of details to consider, including all of the different services you may want to provide to your clients, the products you'll stock and so on. In the midst of all this, a hair salon business plan might not seem so important. However, a business plan is something which you need when starting any business and a hair salon is no exception.

Many of us dream of going to work for ourselves and starting our own businesses. Being a business owner can be incredibly rewarding, but it's also a very challenging thing to do. You need to be conscious of each and every penny as you plan to open your new business. This is something which needs to be part of your business plan and whether you're purchasing an existing business or opening an entirely new one, this article is for you; keep reading for a rundown of the basics.

Your new hair salon could be a business which you operate out of your home or one which you rent or even purchase a separate facility for. It's up to what you think will work best for you as a newly minted entrepreneur and there are people who have started a salon both ways and met with great success. One thing you may want to keep an eye out for is if there are any existing salons for sale; if you're a first time business owner, it's often easier to buy a business then to start one from the ground up.

Whether you buy a salon or start your own, the most important thing is to be prepared. You may need to take out small business loans, something which is common with new business owners. Many people who want to start a business simply don't have the necessary startup capital, so this is something which you'll probably find yourself looking at.

Remember that as an entrepreneur, it's up to you and you alone to plan responsibly for your new salon. Before you drive ahead with your new idea, examine whether your concept is marketable; after all, it does you no good to open a business which is not in demand. Look at your location, the state of your local economy, culture, demographics and consumer trends in your area. This is the kind of information which a solid business plan and a successful new business is built on.

If you currently work in a salon and have wanted to start your own salon, there's no time like the present to begin planning your new venture. While you will have a leg up on newcomers to the industry thanks to your previous experience, don't think that this alone means your new salon will be successful. You need a sound plan and a source of startup capital before you can open your own hair salon. You'll need to do some careful research and planning in order to build a foundation for success in the hair/beauty/spa industry.

You'll need to take some time to talk to industry veterans; ask for advice on getting started with a new salon. You'll be able to do things your own way when you begin your new business, but it's a good idea to get the insight of people who have been there - listen to what they tell you and incorporate their suggestions into your business plan as appropriate.

As a field which is somewhat insulated from the effects of economic downturns, there has been significant growth in hair salons in the last couple of years. While owning your own salon can indeed be both financially and personally rewarding, you need to be well prepared ahead of time or it may be neither.

Top Women's Hairstyle Trends For Fall 2010

Summer is almost over and now it's time to prepare for fall season with a fresh look. And what's better way to do it than through a new killer hairstyle. Fall 2010 hairstyle trends are going to include many new hot looks. It is true that runway hairstyles always serve as a great source of inspiration for hairstyle. This season, women are going to rock many hairstyles which are actually inspired by Fall 2010 runway shows.

From waves to a retro curls, side braid to loose bun, this season is all about undone and naturally messy hair. Perfect hairstyle always makes a woman look stunning and gorgeous. Hair can be styled in many different ways for fall 2010 to bring out many fresh and amazing hairstyles trends. Some celebrities have already started trying out these new trends and it's time for you to don it.

Some of promising Fall 2010 Women's Hairstyles are just below:

Ponytail Hairstyles: Ponytails are so hot for upcoming season. Women who have desire to wear fun and adorable hairstyle, should go for a ponytail. This is quick and easy to do; just pull all hair to one side, in a low ponytail and secure it with small elastic. This hairstyle is very easy to maintain and perfect to wear with daily outfits, at school or work area. If hair is long enough, ponytail can be worn for any special occasion. Ponytail is perfect hairstyle for young as well as older women.

Retro Curly Hairstyles: No wonder why celebs are constantly spotted in retro hairstyles at various places. This hairstyle is among the most beloved hairstyles of all times. Retro Curls look great with sexy short dresses as well as long gowns. Getting retro curls hairstyle is very easy. Leave hair flatter at top and go into a fuller, more sculpted curl at end. This hairstyle is a wonderful choice for many facial shapes.

Bob Hairstyle: Bob is a mod hairstyle that fits in look and style of women. It is very versatile hairstyle and can be made with short and medium hair length. It looks great on little girls, teens, and even older ones. Bob with or without bangs, straight or curly, angled or sleek, side or straight parts, is a great hairstyle that can be worn in so many ways for different looks. Whether your face shape is oval or round, there is a bob style for every face shape and for every age.

Side Braid Hairstyle: If you are wondering what the next hottest look is for fall 2010, well this is side braid hairstyle. This look became talk of town after being shown on successful Alexander Wang runway show. Messy side braid hairstyle is really a fantastic hair style for fall. You just have to braid your hair to one side of head and let it rest on shoulders.

Loose Bun: It is a beautiful style that is so easy to pull off and suits many occasions. It is not wrong to say that loose bun is a celebrity favorite hairstyle. Hollywood top divas are seen wearing this fabulous hairstyle at red carpet events and parties. Messy bun, side bun, curly bun, there are so many ways to stand out in crowd with loose bun hairstyle.

This time, get little creative and try promising Fall 2010 women's hairstyle trends that will make you look your best. These looks are really great, easy and amongst latest and hottest hairstyle trends. So, have fun creating these gorgeous hairstyles and flaunt your new look for fall.

Fashionable Emo Hairstyles - Step by Step Guide to Style an Emo Look

Emo hairstyles are one of the most popular hairstyles on the street at the moment with the younger generation. They are individually styled and coloured to the wearer and are not one of the most formal hairstyles that you could choose, so if you want to stand out in the street - Go Emo!

Emo hairstyles are over taking the fashion for formal hairstyles as they can be worn in a variety of ways, depending on how the mood suits you. There is no hard and fast rule as to what an Emo hairstyle looks like, you are not restricted in anyway, either by cut or colour. The Emo is adopted by indie kids, goths and punk rockers alike, any group that don't want to conform to formal hairstyles. The same style can be warn more conventional during work hours and played around with on a night.

You can have the Emo look whether you have long or short hair, it is simply away of expressing yourself, creating a unique look and make you popular amongst your friends.

How to Style Emo

It's always best to start styling your hair when it is clean and product free, so that you can get the right look first time. This makes the style easier to manage, softer and more reciprocal to the products that you will be using. If you have coloured or dyed your hair to complement your Emo look then it is always better to use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner. This will make the colour last much longer and help the hair stay in good condition. Any colour protecting product will help, although they are designed for formal hairstyles and colours they work just as well on Emo cuts.

Once you have clean hair you need to select the correct products. The beauty of an Emo hairstyle is that you can use the same products that you used on your formal hairstyles that you had before you changed your look. As most Emo styles are choppy, so a quality hair gel and hairspray are always good to have at hand.

If you have an Emo style that is choppy and asymmetrical then it is great to play around with backcombing sections and smoothing other sections down, this gives a really unique look, so different from all the boring and normal formal hairstyles out there on the market. If you want more bounce, volume and body to your hair why not use a hairdryer and blow your hair dry, using hairspray as you go to ensure that it stays where you want it. You can always be extra daring when you have styles your hair, you can use a sheen spay which will make your hair really shiny and also brighten any colour that you have also added, great for that night out!

Now that you know how to style your hair and get that look that you want, make sure you can maintain the cool look that you have tried so hard to achieve. Spray with an extra firm hold hairspray and enjoy what you have created.

Remember, escape from the boredom of formal hairstyles and go Emo today. Individually always gets you noticed.

Article Marketing - How to Promote a Hair Saloon Business With Article Writing

A hair saloon business is a highly personalized business. The success of your business depend very much on the level of service that you provide. Here is how you can acquire new customers with article writing.

Tip 1: Write about hair products.
Tip 2: Provide hair care tips.
Tip 3: Write about hair problems and treatments.

Tip 1: Write about hair products.

There are tons of hair care products in the market. Chances are, your saloon probably promote a wide variety of brands as well. In your articles, discuss your personal experiences with these products. Don't just provide facts and specifications. That will bore readers to death. Instead, write about how you use these products to help solve customer's hair problems. The focus is always on you - the hair expert.

Tip 2: Provide hair care tips.

And since you are the expert, readers expect to get some hair care tips from you. Show that you have an in-depth understanding of the different types of hair by providing quality tips. In the process, you are also establishing yourself as a true expert.

Tip 3: Write about hair problems and treatments.

Very often, web visitors come online to search for hair related information because they experience some hair loss symptoms. But they are not sure whether it's something they should be worried about, so they go online to look for more information. You can publish articles that discuss each hair specific hair problem. You can also include tips on how to go about solving these hair problems. Of course, don't give away all your trade secrets. Let visitors know where they can find more information (on your website, of course!).

Lustrous and Healthy Hair - The Dream of All Women

Your hair is your shining glory and it sure makes you look and feel attractive. People who love the idea of having, healthy and beautiful hair require sensible eating habits, proper care and hygiene and a little dedication and patience. Beauty of your hair depends on the quality of your hair and it has nothing to do with quantity or how long your hair is. As people with short hair can also have beautiful healthy hair.

Having lustrous looking hair is the dream of all women in the world and they are always ready to venture new horizons whenever there is a new product available in the market. Eating the right ingredients and exercising helps your entire body to blossom like a flower and each and every part is effected in a positive way.

Follow these healthy tips and have lustrous shiny hair:

o Always comb your hair straight to prevent breakage and dry your hair before combing as wet hair is very weak and breaks of easily.

o Vitamin E is the wonder food for beautiful hair wand if you start taking a daily dose of this pill you sure will have beautiful long hair.

o You should deep condition your hair with olive oil as it makes your hair retain its shine and luster.

o Drinking lots of water helps you to keep hydrated and gives your hair the healthy glow that you yearn for.

o Eat green and yellow fruits that are excellent source of Beta- Carotene. This nutrient not only makes your hair beautiful and healthy but aloes encourages healthy skin and nails.

o Your hair is made of proteins and you should also include a lot of proteins in your diet as lack of protein can cause thinning of hair and slows down hair growth.

o Drink water and also coconut juice twice a week as this is very good for your digestion and hair plus provides you with an overall body care.

o Increase the intake of fatty acids as they help to improve the overall hair texture and prevent it from becoming brittle.

o Silica is a very important ingredient for healthy hair as it gives you hair the sleek and shiny look.

o Zinc is essential for the growth of healthy hair so you should be careful to include a large amount of zinc in your diet as it helps in cell development and growth. So people should include a lot of chicken, seafood, eggs and almonds in their daily diet so that they can get the maximum healthy hair benefits.

How to Get Healthy Hair Without Compromising Your Health

Check out different articles on how to get healthy hair and you will read some tips on keeping your hair trimmed, being careful of sun damage, and more helpful pointers. However, did you realize that the products you are putting on your hair could be damaging to your overall health? Or did you ever stop to think that the statement "you are what you eat" could be extrapolated to include "you are what you put on your skin and hair, too"?

It is true that your skin absorbs the products that you put on it. Think of estrogen patches to be applied to the skin or nicotine patches to help you stop smoking. These products are living proof that you absorb chemicals through your skin. You think that your skin is a barrier to toxins, but it is rather a carrier. In fact, toxins which enter your body through your mouth (on the food you eat) are subjected to the enzymes in your saliva and stomach which can break them down and reduce their harm to your body. They are also passed through the liver and the kidneys and are detoxified a bit more.

But toxins that enter your body through your skin bypass the liver and the stomach enzymes and go directly into the bloodstream and tissues with no other protection to reduce their harm. In fact, the carcinogen called nitrosodiethanolamine (NDELA), an ingredient often found in shampoos, was shown to have 100 times higher absorption rate through the skin than through the mouth at a report given to a congressional hearing in 1978.

Be selective in the products you choose to put on your hair because you want to get healthy hair while achieving beautiful hair you feel good about. Shampoos and conditioners are full of petrochemicals, many of which are known to cause skin and eye irritation and allergic reactions. Watch out for dioxane, anything with paraben as part of the word, propylene glycol, MSG. Some dandruff shampoos contain coal tar which is a known human carcinogen. Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) are surfactants (sudsing agents). They have been found in lab studies to cause severe epidermal changes in the skin of mice. Formaldehyde has been shown to potentially cause cancer. Avoid hair care products with these & other harmful chemicals.

Use natural, organic hair care products for healthy hair and a healthy body. A high-quality, organic hair care product should contain a blend of ten vitamins, minerals, and herbs that provides the optimal environment for healthy, thick, and vibrant hair. But the best part is that there are no harsh chemicals that can enter your scalp and compromise your health.

Your hair is an outward indication of your health. It's amazing how the way your hair looks affects how you feel about yourself. Ensuring it looks good goes much deeper than a trip to the salon. Invest in healthy hair care choices, and you will have more than a good hair day - you'll get healthy hair along with a healthy body. And, as you and I both believe, your health is your wealth!

How to Use Twitter For Your Hair Salon Business

Hair salon business has always been one of the most competitive businesses around. Although a lot of people need the service, you'll be going up against a lot of competitors who will definitely try to win the business of your potential clients and even your regular customers. Of course, you don't want this to happen. So, you'll need to find new effective ways to promote your services and to widen your reach without burning your pockets on your advertising cost. My advice is to promote your business online using Twitter. Here's how you can do that:

1. Before you register with Twitter, I'd like you to have your own website first. This is where you can discuss the services that you offer and this will act as your online store that your potential clients can visit should they need information about your business. If this is not an option for you, a blog will do. There are several free portals and templates that you can make use of.

2. Research and learn. Although "twitter marketing" is relatively simple and very straightforward, I would still recommend that you do in-depth research to understand the whole process. Read other articles like this one, visit relevant blogs and forums, and read eBooks written by social networking experts. The more information you gather and the more techniques you know, the more likely you'll get amazing results from this endeavor.

3. Sign up with Twitter. Just like with any other social networking site, you need to sign up before you can "socialize" with other members. This will just take a couple of minutes. What I suggest is that you use the name of your hair salon when registering your Twitter name. Then, make use of enticing image that will best represent your business.

4. Follow people. Look for people who are known in your chosen industry. You would want to follow industry leaders, "fashionistas", and other big names in hair salon business. When you do this, these people may follow you back. Don't go crazy though when following people. You don't want to follow hundreds or thousands individuals in one day.

5. Establish your expertise. Start tweeting information related to your business. You would want to share good news, in-depth information, insider tips, and you would want to offer expert advice. Why? It's because your goal here is to be known as an expert in your niche so people will consider you a great source of useful information. When that happens, several people will follow you and these could be the ones who are in need of the services that you offer.

6. Be active. Check your twitter account several times per day not just to tweet but also to socialize with those people who are following you. Provide answers to their questions, talk about their problems, offer solutions, share interesting stories, etc. Also, be interested with what other people are talking about. Join their discussion and be sensitive when replying. You don't want to offend anyone. Be friendly and cordial at all times.

Seven Healthy Hair Tips, Myths and Misconceptions

Our hair. It's straightened, shaved, waved, blow dried, braided and streaked. We buy haircare products by the bucketful. Not to mention the world is awash in healthy hair tips, myths and misconceptions. Let's explore a few.

Myth #1: Those who want shiny hair rinse using cold water.

Truth: While I realize this sounds like one of the healthy hair tips, a cold water rinse doesn't result in shiny hair. As long as you don't use extremely hot water, which is damaging, to wash your hair, it simply does not matter how cold the rinse water is.

Myth #2: You will ruin your hair by coloring it.

In truth this is pure hogwash. Were this the case most stylists would be out of a job. Coloring is safe as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. It also helps to use gentle coloring products. It helps more if afterwards you use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair. In fact it's smart to use extra conditioner each time you wash your colored hair.

Myth #3: Always lather and rinse twice to get cleaner hair.

Truth: Not so. In fact over use of shampoos can damage your hair. So unless your hair is extremely oily shampooing once should suffice.

Myth #4 Trimming your hair frequently causes it to grow faster.

Truth: Hair growth is an individual thing somewhat dependent on diet. How fast it grows certainly does not depend on how often you trim it. All a trim does is to make your hair look neater by getting rid of split ends.

Still many women see their stylist often because they believe frequently trimmed hair grows faster.

Myth #5: If you've got fine hair is will stay limp no matter what you do to it.

Truth: Straight fine hair can be given added body by using hot rollers. After that simply add mousse and brush out well. Viola! More volume.

Myth #6: Each gray hair you pull out is replaced by several more.

No way is that old saw true. Still it's seldom a good idea to pull out any hair by the roots. You might develop a scalp infection or scar yourself by trying that. It's better to color your hair if you're worried about grays

Myth #7: For healthier hair brush your hair 100 strokes nightly.

Truth: That's a really famous myth that has been repeated for generations from mother to daughter. You'll also see it mentioned in some books about hair. But the truth is you never want to brush your hair except to style it.

Over brushing like this tends to weaken and damage your hair.

So there you have it. Seven healthy hair tips.