10 Best Foods For Your Healthy Hair

Taking care of your hair with shampoo and conditioner might not be sufficient for you to get hair that is really healthy and beautiful. If you really want to get the fresh, healthy, and shiny hair, you can consider your food. In short, do not only emphasize on outer treatment, but also emphasize on inside treatment through nutritious foods.

According to Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, a dietitian from Chicago, your hair will grow about 1/4 - 1/2 inch every month. To grow normally, the basic material of new hair, skin, and nail is the nutrition you eat. Thus, if you eat healthy foods, your body cells will grow stronger and healthier both inside and outside.

Hair specialists also say that if you were born to have slight hair but normal, you will never have thick hair although you have tried to eat anything. However, with balanced diet that contains growth incentive protein and Fe, you may get different hair. Specialists also suggest consumers to alert for the use of supplements that are generally sold in the market to thicken or grow the hair.

The followings are 10 best foods for your healthy hair:

1. Salmon

You can get omega 3 that is high quality protein resource from salmon. This fish also contains vitamin B12 and Fe. Omega 3 is needed to strengthen scalp and if you are deficiency in this substance, your scalp will be dry and your hair will fall off easily.

2. Old green vegetables

Spinach, broccoli, and Swiss chard are important resources of vitamin A and C. Your body needs them to produce sebum, a kind of oil that is produced by hair follicle to be natural conditioner for your hair.

3. Beans

Consuming kidney bean or pea is important for healthy hair because bean does not only provide protein to stimulate the growth of your hair. It is also rich in Fe, zinc, and biotin. To get the real benefit, a dietitian from America recommends consuming three cups of peas every week.

4. Ground nut

Ground nut from Brazil is one of the best natural resources of selenium, a kind of important minerals for your healthy scalp. Walnut contains linoleum alpha acid and omega 3 to repair hair condition, while some foods like almond, cashew peanut, and pecans are the essential resources of zinc.

5. Poultry meat

In fact, poultry meat like chicken and turkey have high quality protein that can make your hair healthier. Poultry meat also contains Fe that stimulates your body to get its benefit easily.

6. Eggs

Egg is one of the best protein resources you can find. It also contains biotin and vitamin B12 that are very essential to be beauty nutrition.

7. High fiber wheat

Because high fiber wheat contains zinc, Fe, and vitamin B, you can used to eat healthy wheat products like bread and cereal.

8. Oyster

Oyster might be known more as aphrodisiac, but it is also useful for healthy hair. The main key is its zinc as strong antioxidant.

9. Low fat milk products

Low fat milk products like skim milk and yogurt are essential calcium resources that are useful for hair. These foods also contain casein and whey as two high quality proteins.

10. Carrot

This vegetable is rich in vitamin A that can help to repair the health of scalp and eyesight. It is known that the health of scalp is important aspect for shiny hair, thus you can add carrot to your diet menu or the addition of salad beverage.