Hairstyles For Oblong Faces - Your Facial Structure Does Matter

So, that hairstyle you have been looking at looks really good on that celebrity, doesn't it? Do you think it would look good on you as well? We're not so sure, because you have an oblong face and that celebrity doesn't, therefore, you may not get the outcome you think you will. Many do not realize it, but the structure of one's face could really throw a good haircut off and vice versa. As we write this article, we are going to speak more about hairstyles for oblong faces.

We cannot stress just how important it is to take your face into consideration as you are looking at hairstyles. Many people do not listen to this and decide to try it out anyways only to find that they are stuck with a bad hairstyle.

Have you been looking into layers? Layers can make a girl look very sexy, but you need to make sure they fit you face. There are many types of styles when it comes to layers. We believe medium to long layers would be perfect for a girl that has an oblong face. By having long layers in you hair, your face will not appear as long as it really is. As for those short bob haircuts, we believe you should stay away from them, because they will make that oblong face stand out.

Hairstyles for oblong faces can be found in many different magazines and they are also posted all over the Internet. On the Internet, you will also find "how to's" that will help you achieve the hairstyle you have been wanting. However, before you style your hair, you will first need to get it cut. There are many hairstylists out there that will be able to deliver the hairstyle that is suitable for your facial structure. As a reminder, don't forget just how important your facial structure is when it comes to your hair.

How to Choose the Right Hairstyles for Special Occasions

Women have the desire to have their hair looking gorgeous each and every day and that is why female consumers spend billions of dollars each year buying hairstyling products. Women spend all this money on products to straighten, curl, highlight, color, smooth the frizzes, add body, moisturize and of course may them look their best on a daily basis. However, then comes those special occasions such as the holidays, proms, weddings and even a special Valentine's Day dinner when they desire to look even more glamorous and stunning. A special occasion can be any time that you desire to look your utmost best and have a new dress and hairstyle to match.

No matter what hairstyle you now have and no matter the length of your hair, you can find many wonderful and gorgeous hairstyles that will have everyone believing you spent hundreds of dollars going to the salon.

Long hairstyles have been in fashion for a very long time and with long hair, you can find many ways to style your hair that will reflect your own beauty and the aura of any special occasion. With long hairstyles you can braid, wear up-styles, or have it long and flowing which is very romantic. The idea that you create with your long hairstyle has a lot to do with the type of special occasion that you will attend. You can achieve a business look, a fairy tale princess look, or a diva look all by just styling your long hair in different fashions.

Medium hairstyles and short hairstyles can be just as much fun and beautiful as long hairstyles. The idea is to decide if you prefer your hair down or in an up-sweep. Either style will work for all hairstyles. Adding braids and flowers to medium hairstyles and short hairstyles will give you an elegant look that will not be like your every day hairstyle and you will be as charming and elegant as any one at the event.

If you are planning on attending your senior prom or your best friends wedding you may wish to have a style that is a bit more elegant. You can find prom hairstyles that will absolutely look stunning with long hairstyles, medium hairstyles, and short hairstyles. There are even some wonderful up-styles, which look great for short hairstyles without having to purchase extensions.

Wedding hairstyles are as glamorous as you wish them to be. You can choose from simple to elaborate and from styles such as Grecian Up-style to long and flowing. According to the length of hair of each person in the wedding party, you will have to work to create wedding hairstyles that will help each member look as if they were walking out of a magazine.

Sexiest Hairstyles For Long Hair

While looking for hairstyles for long hair, you'll realize that there are many options that are available to you. With so many choices available, the key will be finding the one that best suits you.

With lots of hair to play with, you can experiment with a wide variety of looks. For instance, try putting your hair up in a fashionably untidy bun. Don't scrape your hair back from you face, but instead leave a few tendrils loose and finger-comb the rest into a loose knot at the back of your neck. This is a wonderful look for a casual afternoon outing or a day around the house. Try a figure-8 bun for something edgy and a chignon for those nights when you want a touch of elegance.

For a sleekly professional hairstyle, why not consider using the Sedu flat iron? Sedu products have a reputation for leaving hair sleek and shiny with a minimum of time and effort invested.

Through the use of moisture in every step of the styling process, the Sedu flat iron ensures that your hair does not end up flat and lifeless. This flat iron uses Sedu's trademark ceramic plates to smooth out hair without leaving it looking dull. You can also use the Sedu flat iron to flip your hair and put waves into it; combine this treatment with hair that has been cut into layers for an especially dynamic look.

When speaking with your stylist about hairstyles for long hair, run the idea of layers past her. Layers can add a lot of personality to your look, and as well as being easy to care for, they can enhance and flatter the shape of your face. When you tie your hair back, layers fall down to frame your face and soften its angles. Layers can also lengthen a face that's round and add accents to the existing planes and angles.

If you'd rather not to commit to layers, consider getting bangs cut into your hair. Avoid thin bangs that fall straight down, as this can give your face a rather boxy look, but heavy, side-parted bangs are ideal for a look that's both fun and professional. Thick bangs that are combined with soft layers create a lovely look, and are easy to grow out if you decide to try another style.

There are many options for women looking for new hairstyles for long hair so find the one that's right for you today!

African American Healthy Hair Care: The Basics

Hair is big business, particularly in the African American community, where hair types and styles are so versatile: Short, long, curly, wavy, kinky, straight, natural, braided, twisted, locked, color treated, texturized, and relaxed.

Regardless of one's hair type or preferred style; including weaves and extensions, proper basic care is essential for healthy African American hair:

  • Strong hair that does not easily break.
  • Hair that grows--Hair growth and hair length are not necessarily synonymous. Everyone's hair has different growth cycles. The life span of some individuals' hair is approximately one year, before new hair pushes out the existing. This results in around six inches of length. Other individuals' hair has the life span of several years, resulting in length well over two feet!
  • Hair that has sheen.
  • A healthy, clean scalp.

To obtain a healthy head of African American hair, as described above, basic care is necessary, and includes:

1. Proper diet and exercise.

2. Thorough shampooing and conditioning.

3. Efficient moisturizing.

Proper Diet and Exercise

As cliched as it sounds, proper diet and exercise are the gateway for many desirable traits, such as proportioned weight, high energy level, nice skin, etc. Proper nutrition and exercise are often over looked when it comes to care of the tresses because so many cosmetic and chemical options are available to obtain a certain look.

Exercise stimulates the entire body, including the hair follicles, and aids in healthy hair growth. The proper amount of exercise releases healthy hormones and endorphins which relieve stress, fight fatigue, and as a result, help promote healthy tresses. Brisk walking, light jogging, moderate bicycling, and other cardiovascular exercises, 3-5 times a week, for 30 minutes to an hour, provide the proper amount of exercise for most healthy adults. However, one should always consult with a physician before implementing any new exercise regiments.

A diet with sufficient amounts of omega nutrients greatly contributes to healthy African American tresses. Foods rich with these nutrients include: Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, cauliflower, spinach, alfalfa sprouts, romaine lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprouts, avocados, strawberries, cantaloupe, blackberries, pinto beans, kidney beans, tuna, white fish, blue fish, Pollock, and mackerel. Keep in mind, having excessive amounts of omega nutrients can have an adverse affect. One should also consult with a physician to get an idea of the right amount of omega nutrients to include in one's diet.

Thorough Shampooing and Conditioning

While most African Americans do not require as frequent shampooing as other groups, not shampooing enough results in clogged hair follicles. A build up of dirt and grime contributes to breakage and diminished growth.

The frequency of shampooing depends on several factors, including: The amount of hair one has; the amount of products, such as moisturizers, oils, gels, and other styling agents, that are applied to the tresses; one's life style, including the frequency and intensity of exercise, and the amount of oil one's hair naturally produces. A good quality shampoo is to be used to help promote healthy hair. Shampoos, used in professional beauty salons, are particularly fortified with vitamins and moisturizers that help keep the tresses strong, yet pliable. Every shampooing should be followed with a quality conditioning treatment, which also helps the hair stay strong, yet flexible. There are several types of conditioning treatments, including: Moisturizing, strengthening, and stimulating. Depending on one's hair type or style, several conditioning treatments may be necessary at one time. A licensed stylist is the best source for determining which type of conditioner(s) is necessary for individuals. A professional can also determine the best application process for producing the best results.

Efficient Moisturizing

Most African American hair types do not produce the amount of natural moisturizer found in other hair types. Therefore, it is necessary for many African Americans to regularly moisturize their tresses. Like with shampooing and conditioning, the amount of moisturizer depends on several factors, including hair type and style. Additionally, the type of moisturizer plays a big role in contributing to healthy African American hair. Some African American hair styles and types thrive when an oil moisturizer is used. Other African American styles and types respond better with cream moisturizers. Still, others do better with lotions or pomades. Again, a licensed professional is the best source for recommending a moisturizer for one's particular type and style.

Regardless of how you wear your hair, invest time in exercising, meal planning, and the proper hair care regiment; including a schedule of shampooing, conditioning, and moisturizing. Healthy hair is a reflection of one's overall health, in addition to looking good!

Long Celebrity Hairstyles - Overview of Celebrities With Gorgeous Hairstyles

Keeley Hazell, the british glamour model looks just stunning in her newest short hairstyle. In actual fact, Keeley Hazell created headlines when she was marked wearing attractive seeking short hairstyle. With chic, elegance and sex appeal, Keeley Hazell is the number one person when it appears to copying celebrity-enthused hairstyles. She made an attempt for a simple and sexy short bun in an astonishing red color. Despite her main hairstyles, Keeley Hazell has brought in quite a lot of short hairstyle trends in 2008.

She has gone through a big alteration in her hairdo styles for the duration of the past four years wearing typical curly up do, shiny and lively short prom hairstyles. She has also tried round bobs among cheek length hairstyle, medium curly haircut styles and different changes of her long hairstyles.

Celebrities have to look good all the time, whether it is a matter of clothes as well as hairstyles. Common people like to copy hairstyles of famous person. Thus, celebrities have to be more cautious about their hairstyles.

Adriana Lima is a Brazilian supermodel, who declares that she is still a virgin model. She is the style and trend setter for attire and hairstyles. Adriana Lima has appeared with an amazing sexy and attractive long hairstyles in 2008. She is almost certainly the only famous fashion model whose exceptional good looks and elegance has won the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. Adriana Lima's style and hairstyles trends have altered the entire way of her long hairstyles. People are merely passionate to mark Adriana Lima long hairstyle trends in 2008 so that they can in addition copy the similar hairstyles and styles. Look at a few of the good-looking pictures of Adriana Lima presenting herself on the ramp with her beautiful hairstyle.

Jessica Alba is an inconstant person when it comes to hairstyles issues. She has been observed with her numerous different hairstyles on her honey brown golden blonde locks, that vary from short, medium, long, at times curly and wavy hair. Regardless of what style shape or form Jessica Alba dress in her hair, one thing for certainly is that her hair by no means disappoints. Jessica Alba looks attractively beautifully in her light-colored long hairstyles.

In 2009, Jessica Alba' hairstyles might not fling any great surprises except little changes above her blonde hairstyle. Her affection for simple and sleek long hairstyles is famous. Being a mother of newly born baby, Jessica Alba might not have sufficient time to squander for her hairstyles and style statements. It is to a certain extent likely that Alba would carry on wearing her tried and tested haircuts. Jessica Alba innumerable fans enthusiastically waiting to know the possible Jessica Alba hairstyle in 2009.

Jessica Alba always likes to try medium length hairstyles. In every occasion she has been seen with different hairstyles. Women's are interested in getting a hairstyle like Jessica Alba as compare to other celebrities.

Tips on How to Grow Healthy Hair Fast

Trying to out grow a bad haircut and need to know how to grow healthy hair fast? Well there is a faster and healthier way to grow your hair than you might think. Here are the steps you need to take:

First off, get a herbal hair oil. Mira herbals boast hot oil treatments that, when used properly with shampoo and conditioner, can stimulate faster, healthier hair growth. Invest in top-shelf natural shampoo and conditioner to use in conjunction with your hot oil treatment. Avoid products that make use chemicals to help foster faster hair growth or imitation products as those I just mentioned as they can actually have adverse effects on your cuticles and scalp. Also, use caution when using any heated hair product and tools and you want to follow all safety instructions that accompany any heating product.

So to discover how to grow healthy hair fast, you must begin the process by giving your hair a simple shampoo, rinse, and then quick dry it out. You also want to make steps to add an all natural conditioner when you are done shampooing your mane. To ensure the conditioner does its work you want to apply it with a comb to help spread it thoroughly throughout your hair.

Protect your head with a protective wrap, and then cover your hair with a heated towel. Reheat as needed until you've heated your hair for thirty minutes, after which you should rinse your hair with warm water, gradually reducing the temperature, ending the process with a nice, cool rinse. This cooling effect will active enzymes at the base of your roots and put each hair at an optimal position to grow! This process should be repeated roughly every two to four weeks as needed.

In addition to using treatments, a healthy lifestyle is vital to how to grow healthy hair fast. Regular exercise, balanced diet, and appropriate dietary supplements will strengthen your overall immunity and body efficiency. Always look for opportunities to boost your overall health and your hair will surely benefit!

If you follow these simple tips about how to grow healthy hair fast are easy to do and you'll have the results to show for it.

Different Types Of Online Mens Magazine - Sports And Travel

There are many types of online magazines available on the internet, and several of them cover tips and topics that pertain mainly to men. There are sports magazine, travel magazine, and mens magazine choices that can be made online as well as off the shelf.

Many online men's magazines cover several topics like dating and sex, fashion, health and sports, power and money, and so on. These topics are usually things that men are interested in, and there are many that have open forums for contributions by readers as well.

Online men's magazines also cover other topics such as cars, books, and entertainment for those who are really looking for these topics and additional information. Some online magazines also offer special articles on fine living, as well as every man's favorite topic - women.

Aside from these topics, there are also self improvement articles that are included such as grooming information, the latest hairstyles, and treatments for certain conditions that are focal problems for men, as well as other tips and suggestions for the self-conscious male. Many of these articles also cover food and medical health issues that may be of concern to some men such as cholesterol, high blood pressure, and external diseases.

Sports magazines are usually attributed to men, and these also cover several topics with regards to athletes, their dreams, their successes, and many other related issues that may cover certain sports disciplines. Some sports magazines even provide college level games such as college football, basketball, and baseball games.

Targeting the total sports enthusiasts, sports magazines can cover all sorts of areas in sports such as soccer, tennis, martial arts, boxing, and even softball. Many online sports magazines offer online shopping as well, along with updated news reports on the latest games and car races.

Sports can be varied, so the magazines tend to stay ahead by trying to maintain a varied set of topics in order to cater to all enthusiasts of every sports discipline. For those who practice healthy lifestyles, there are also plenty of health tips included in these sports issues that can be of great interest to the health conscious male.

There are also travel magazines that target men specifically with the assumption that men travel a lot in terms of business trips. These magazines cater to the high-end travelers that need a place to stay by advertising hotels, recommending certain areas and covering favorite subjects such as food and adventure trips.

Travel magazines also cover things like travel etiquette, ideal destinations, tourist spots, and restaurants as well as entertainment hotspots for the well traveled male. Many of these magazines also cover political issues that the traveler may be interested in especially if they concern the country he is about to visit.

Some travel magazines even cover stories about famous celebrities and their favorite travel spots as well as restaurants and hangouts. Targeting the high-end traveler, there are also tips about money and financial institutions that can be utilized while away from home country.

No matter which magazines are the more popular, it is obvious that many of these men's magazines cover most topics that are relatively intertwined in certain issues, and this leads to a full information highway for the modern male. Regardless of what his activities are, whether he is traveling, lifting weights, or simply just sitting around a coffee shop to pass the time, there is always something available that is of interest to him on every page.

Braided Hairstyles - Because Girls Simply Just Like It

Braided hairstyles are very popular nowadays. I'm sure that when you were young, your mom put your hair in braids. This was usually both time consuming and irritating since most kids don't want to sit still for long periods of time. But braids are not only for kids,they are also for adults just like you and me.

I do love looking at girls in simple braided hairstyles. My mom always braided my hair when I was young. I am still a fan of the style and wear them every now and then. There are various hairstyles which were originated from braids. Braids can be used in formal hairstyles or even as an everyday hairstyle. There are still many celebrities that wear braid hairstyles and inspire the younger generations to do the same.

Braided hairstyles can be inspired by combinations of different creative hairstyles. Braids with ribbons along with it, a Blair Waldorf hairstyle in Gossip Girl, a braided ponytail, glam hairstyle, black braid hairstyles, etc. are few of the fantastic hairstyles. What braid hairstyle do you like? Are you comfortable with it?

Girls are girls. We are very conscious with our beauty and appearance. It is always on our mind everyday on how should we wear our hair. Having this hairstyle once in a while makes us feel confident and sexy. Yes it looks so childish, but it's more appealing and amiable to feel. Even celebrities choose their hair to be braided. Can you name a celebrity who always has a braided hairstyle?

Braids are fun and easy to do. But you still need patience in order to create your own masterpiece, a well-managed and meticulously done braid. This hairstyle is best done after a bath, when the hair is still damp. Adding some hair spray after would let the braided hair last all day. Girls are naturally born creative. If you do have some ribbons, or crafts that could add a sense of beauty and simplicity to the braid, you may integrate it. Creativity and imagination makes your hair awesome and great.

Always take some time to look at the mirror. Take some time to select the styles that is best for your hair type. Braided hairstyles are always in. The latest trends are just growing out there but it is still a braid. From simple to complex hairstyles, surely you will get the best hairstyle you've always wanted for a specific occasion. Don't hesitate to be who you are. If you want to have your hair braided, go for it because girls simply just like it.

How to Get a Striking Hairstyle With Hair Highlights and Hair Color

Ever thought about getting hair color or if you already get hair color, there is no better way to dramatically or subtly change a haircut and hair color then creatively blending in hair highlights and/or hair lowlights to accent your hairstyle.

There are wide-variety of hair coloring techniques and hair foiling techniques, but there is a right way to coloring hair and a wrong way to coloring hair. This is where choosing the right hair salon and hairdresser to get the change that you desire will play a critical role in the process.

Let's just say that not all hair salons and hairdressers are created equally. Many people think that the price they pay for their hair care needs will determine the quality of the hairdresser and service they choose. It's just like everything else in life... some are at the top of the class and some are at the bottom of the class.

Let me take this a step further! You can go to a high-end hair salon, pay a lot of money and leave with an undesirable result. You can also go to a low-end to middle-end hair salon like, The Hair Cuttery, Supercuts or Great Clips, pay a reasonable price and leave with exactly what you wanted.

So how do you choose the right path to get that Striking Hairstyle and Hair Color? Well there are a lot factors to consider, but the simple answer is that it all begins with a Personalized Client Consultation with your current or new hairdresser.

Start out by doing prior research looking through magazines or surfing the internet to find options that you can present at the time of your consultation. Print out pictures or bring magazine pages of your favorite celebrities, so you can visually explain exactly what type of haircut, hair color and hairstyle you are trying to achieve.

Think of this consultation as an interview with your hairdresser, you being the interviewer, but let them lead most of the time. It is important that you establish a mutual rapport. They should ask you simple direct questions such as. Do you have anything specific in mind? What don't you like about your hair color and why? Tell me a little about your lifestyle. Do you work? Does your work require you to travel? Do you consider yourself conservative? You get the picture!

Your hairdresser should confidently discuss each step of the process, including prices and they should put you at ease that they have the experience and expertise to accomplish the work.

Once you feel comfortable that they understand what you want and professionally describe exactly how they are going to creative a special personalized look just for you... you will have cleared a major hurtle in getting that fantastic head-turning new look you desire.

Flattering Hairstyles For Men - The Latest Trends

While you can walk the aisles of any grocery store and eventually come across a number of magazines for women about hairstyles, men don't have anything to help them out when they need to do something new with their hair. Because many men wear their hair short doesn't mean that they don't have options for different men's hair styles. Men who want a new look should consider using hairstyles with bangs to their advantage.

The first attractive thing about hairstyles with bangs for men is that it can help the face look elongated and thinner. They can help to give a man a sharper, edgier look if they use bangs as part of the way they wear their hair. Next, it doesn't really matter if you have long or short hair with bangs. Bangs works great with both lengths!

The most obvious way for men to wear their bangs is to have them fall naturally. This isn't always the best look, especially if a man's hair is curly and the curls tend to be a bit unruly. Strong mousse or gel is a great way to work with bangs. In fact, there are many different things a guy can do with the right products to create different looks day after day with his bangs.

While not at its most popular anymore, some men are still able to get away with spiking their bangs straight up over their hairline. It works for casual gatherings and even at the office when done neatly. Another very popular look works with loner bangs. Guys who style their bangs by parting them to the side have a dramatic and sometimes even sensual look to them. Another popular way to wear bangs is in a "faux hawk." The faux hawk is where the hair is forced up in the center of the scalp including the bangs, but the rest of the head doesn't need t be shaved.

Finally, the most common and popular way for a man to wear bangs is over his forehead, a bit messy but with obvious, deliberate styling. It takes a lot of work and patience to get the carefree, sexy look, but many men have found this to be the ideal way for them to wear bangs. The best way for any man to find the perfect look for his bangs is to try them out and stick with what he feels looks best. If all else fails, get opinions from others and go with the most popular!

Healthy Hair Tips For Mums Looking After Their Hair at Home

Michelle Creates a Hair-Plug In The Bath And Wonders About Foods For Good Hair

This one is for the ladies - Do you remember being pregnant? How lush and thick was your hair during pregnancy? Our pregnancy hormones allow us to hang onto our hair during pregnancy, resulting in thicker and healthy looking locks. Once we have expelled our little lodger from it's hiding place however, and our bodies start to return to normal, we start to shed hair in what seems like bucket-loads!

Did you know that the average adult human sheds around 100 hairs per day! That's a lot of hairs left on the pillow, in your comb or hair brush, on the carpet, and down the plughole forming an annoying hair-plug that I always seem to be removing every other day! But it constantly amazes me that no matter how many hairs we shed, we always seem to sport plenty on top of our head that needs our daily care.

With all this constant hair shedding going on, it makes sense to give our bodies the right ingredients for it to keep producing new hair. So lets take a look at what we should be eating to keep our locks looking healthy and lush.

The state of a person's hair reflects the overall condition of their body. So feed your body well for healthy hair. Some of the most important vitamins that a person needs to have healthy hair include B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid. The best way to ensure you get the right balance of vitamins is to take hair, nails and skin supplements. It is not just vitamins for good hair growth that are needed though as there are a number of minerals that are essential, including magnesium, sulphur, silica and zinc. All these can be found in a good quality formulation specifically designed for hair, nails and skin.

Foods for good hair include protein. Protein is essential for healthy hair. This is because hair itself is essentially made from a protein called keratin. So a diet that is rich in protein foods such as fish, chicken, lean meat, lentils, bean and nuts will give your body enough protein to grow hair.

In the spirit of healthy advice, we have had some top health tips emailed in from our readers:

Sarah Poole emailed in with this tip for a Cleopatra style bath. Sarah said "Although Cleopatra was rumoured to bathe in asses milk to get silky soft skin, we can use powdered milk instead. When my elbows and knees start to feel a little rough, I pour about five tablespoons of powdered milk into a warm bath and relax with a good book for an hour. The results? Soft, smooth skin".

Here is a top tip for your hair from Lisa Wilks. She tells us that if you want to have shiny hair, after you have finished washing your hair, rinse with cold water.

So here's to healthy hair for mums and a head full of lush locks!

Some Recommended Healthy Hair Tips

Are you looking for the best healthy hair tips that can improve your hair health effectively? You should read this article because there are many useful tips on how you can grow your hair naturally. These hair growth tips are good for most people who want to support their hair health. Many people are very happy with their result after following these simple tips.

a. Avoid using hair dryer

This is an important tip that you can follow, especially if you want to have healthy hair. Hair dryer can damage your hair because of the extreme heat produced by this device. Many experts recommend that you should turn off the heat function on your dryer before you use this device. If you want to dry your wet hair, you can use soft towel instead of this device.

b. Consume healthy foods

It is a good idea for you to consume healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. These healthy foods contain many vitamins and minerals that are good for your health. You also need to consume a lot of proteins from your foods. Protein is an important nutrient that you should have in your daily diet. This nutrient is good for your hair growth. You can get protein from some healthy foods, such as egg, milk, beef, poultry, fish, and many other healthy foods.

c. Only use natural hair care products

There are many hair care products that you can find on the market. However, not all products are good for your health. Some products may contain dangerous chemical substances that can be harmful for your body. It is recommended that you choose the best hair care products that are mainly made from natural ingredients. These natural hair care products are good for improving your hair health.

d. Avoid alcohol

You should understand that drinking alcohol may cause some negative side effects on your hair. Some studies show that alcohol can cause dry hair problems. Therefore, you should reduce your alcohol consumption if you want to grow your healthy hair properly. You should also avoid using any products that contain alcohol as their ingredient. Alcohol may cause problems on your scalp when it is not used properly. If you want to have healthy hair, you should avoid alcohol for the rest of your life.

They are some useful tips on how you can grow your healthy hair effectively. It is very important to maintain your hair health. Having healthy hair can improve your overall beauty. Therefore, you have to learn how to grow your natural hair in a proper way.

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Hairstyle has always played a very important role in the overall personality of both men and women. It has been an integral part of dressing up and making a fashion statement. Most of us would have gone though pictures of elaborate hairstyles sported by the men and women in the past. We are quite familiar with the long pony tailed hair of English men in 17th century to the unkempt hippie looks of the 60's.

Trendy hairstyles are fashion trends sported by some celebrities and copied by fans all over the world. Today the trends in hairstyles change as fast as the fashion and sometimes even faster. Men and women who change with the times keep themselves updates to look good and be a part of the crowds.

When we talk of trendy hairstyle we mean the kind of hairstyle which most of the men and women are sporting these days. Coming to women's style the length of the hair matters a lot. This year women are going in for shoulder length, short hair cropped as well as long hair. Therefore whichever length your hair is right now you can get a smart new look with a little trimming and styling.

Long lustrous hair cut in layers and styled look lovely on older as well as younger women and it very much in vogue this year. The messy shoulder length hair with bangs is also fashionable for women with broad jaws. The classic bob never went out of style and if you want to play it safe go for it-with or without bangs. Boy cuts and hair cut just below the ears look fine and are considered to be trendy.

If you think men are not concerned about the trendy hairstyle you are quite wrong. They are going in for classic cropped cut which never go out of fashion. There is also a little longer cut with fringe falling over the forehead to give a very smart look indeed. Same hair brushed back completely creates another look which is in style this year. And lastly longish hair parted and styled as you please is also in vogue. Very long hair is quite out.

Over the past few years there has been an emergence of a new trend to look different and stand out, this is reflected in the hairstyles as well. Punk hairstyle characterized by its color, style and cut are an efforts to stand out in the crowd, sometimes to the extent of being weird.

Heard of Mohawk-the most famous punk hairstyle which never goes out of fashion? A long strip of hair in the center and shaved from the sides. Punk hair style represents the effort to look 'different' on the verge of being freakish. Different hair color and funky cuts are basis of punk hairstyle. You will come across people with neon colors like pink, purple, orange, blue in an artful combination. If you are into this kind of look or even understand it you will notice that the combination's of colors are done with certain thought. The hair cuts are mostly irregular. The hair will remain long from one side and very short on the other or some part of the head will be totally shaved while other part will have long hair.

Each hair style in punk trend has a particular name like 'Emo punk' or 'mini-mo'. As far as trendy hairstyle in punk hair style is concerned spiked hair is out and asymmetrical cut with hair falling over the forehead is in fashion. They do not look too out of the ordinary. If you want to make it look spiked or have it look different use gel and hair sprays to set it in different styles.

Sometimes sporting a trendy hairstyle can be risky because they disappear as soon as they had appeared. There are so many different hairstyles but there is no thumb rule as to which will look good on which person. It depends on various factors such as age, face structure and style; however there is no age limit for any style, if it looks good on you go ahead and wear it.

Bridal Hairstyle 101: With or Without a Veil?

Just because you're walking down the aisle does not mean that you have to imitate the look of a celebrity. As a bride, you should still exude your own personality, but while still showcasing the best that your looks have to offer. If you want to look good on your big day, make sure to exert enough effort into choosing the perfect wedding dress and a bridal hairstyle to go along with it.

Here, we will take a look at a few factors that you need to consider when choosing hairstyles for brides who are walking down the aisle, and whether they should go for veil or veil-less hairstyles.

Hairstyles for Brides with Veils

The first thing that stylists usually consider when coming up with suitable hairstyles for brides is the length of her hair. Do you have short hair, shoulder length hair or do your locks reach way below your shoulders? Generally, it's easier to come up with beautiful bridal hairstyles if you have long hair because you can wear it up, down, in a half-up/half-down style, straight or with romantic curls.

Aside from the length of your hair, the bridal accessories that you will be wearing will also be considered. If you are wearing a veil, there are also a multitude of hairstyles that you can choose from. Updos, simple curly hairstyles, intricate braids, trendy short hairstyles - all these will be suitable as long as the veil to be worn is also considered by the stylist.

Some brides like wearing the veil after the reception while others opt to remove it. No matter which hairstyle it is that you end up choosing if you're wearing a veil, make sure that it will stay put through all the hugs that you will receive, through the dancing and as you lean over to kiss and greet your guests during the reception. This way, you will look great in all the wedding pictures even after all the activities and the excitement at the ceremony and reception.

Hairstyles for Brides Without Veils

On the other hand, if you are a bride who opted to walk down the aisle sans veil, here are a few hairstyles that you can choose from:
- Short, contemporary hairstyle.
- An elegant updo.
- An intricate braid worn with flowers.
- A side swept ponytail with bejewelled hair accessories.
- A half-up, half-down hairstyle.
- Romantic curls.
- Stick-straight hairstyle worn with a bridal tiara.

Additional Tips to Remember when Choosing a Hairstyle for the Bride

Aside from the bridal accessories and the length of the bride's hair, there are a few more considerations that need to be taken when looking for ideas for hairstyles for the bride. The time of the wedding that the ceremony will be held is important. For instance, an evening wedding reception would be a bit more formal, so an elegant updo is more suitable. For day weddings, you can wear your hair down in a romantic hairstyle.

Make sure to set an appointment with your stylist so that you can do a trial of what your hairstyle would be. This way, you can make certain adjustments early on with your hairstyle and look your absolute best as you walk down the aisle.

Healthy Hair Tips

Maintaining and achieving healthy hair is often a priority on most people's list today, and should be such. The healthy tips we discuss here can help maintaining healthy hair become an easy task, and quickly diminish any thought of healthy hair being impossible these days.

Achieving healthy hair can be done with five simple steps, starting in the shower when washing your hair, ending at the finished style. These steps can when used in a routine improve your hairs look, feeling, and well being.

Step One, Shampooing with thought. When you are shampooing, you don't have to leave the shampoo in your hair like you do with conditioner, you simply have to get your hair wet, smooth the shampoo from root to tip, and lather into your scalp with your fingertips. Rinse and follow with conditioner. Try limiting yourself to shampooing once every other day at most.

Step Two, Conditioning is key. Never skip the conditioning treatment for your hair, since shampoo can strip your hair of all of the minerals and oils your body naturally produces to keep your hair safe; conditioner was designed to reduce some of the effects of shampooing that can be damaging to your hair. Spread your conditioner from root to tips and leave in for approximately one minute, every once and a while it can be helpful to leave it in a bit longer so that you can deep condition.

Step Three, How to towel dry. Towel drying isn't as simple as just rubbing a towel through your hair and being done. It is bad for your hair and can cause tangling that leads to breaking when you do it the wrong way. It is important to pat and squeeze your hair dry with the towel, rather than rub or shake. That way you can prevent breakage.

Step Four, Combing for success. When it comes to combing your hair most people use a bristle brush and just brush through their hair, but the best way to do it is to use a wide toothed comb and start at the bottom slowly working out knots. This greatly reduces breakage.

Step Five, Product to save you. When you use things like blow dryers, flat irons, and even curling irons you are burning your hair. So like the skin in the sun, hair needs to be protected. Most hair care brands offer a protective spray or serum that can keep the heat from burning the hair. It is important to apply these products before using heat to style your hair. After this is applied, style your hair the way you please and enjoy your smooth and silky hair.

Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Hair - Part I

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Healthy and lustrous hair is half the battle won. Looking good depends more on a head full of healthy and shining hair, than some people give credit to. Hair is made up of dead cells and to keep it looking good and healthy, you have to really work on it. Start off by brushing your hair at least twice a day. Well-brushed hair looks glossy and shiny and is less prone to breakage and tangling. Many people tend to ignore their hair and just tie it up in a knot to go. Little do they suspect what major damage it causes to their tresses! Take out five minutes from your daily routine to brush your hair regularly to keep it shining.

There are loads of products in the market that promise to deliver healthy, shining hair with just a wash. While using good products is definitely important to keep your hair looking healthy and well-conditioned, it is more important to bring a positive change in your lifestyle if you want enviable tresses. Like any other cell in your body, like skin and nails, hair also is a reflection of what you eat. So what do you eat to keep your hair looking great? Here are some lifestyle tips for healthy hair.

Lifestyle tips for healthy hair #1

Eat Right: It is extremely important to watch what you put in your body. There are certain foods that contain protein, minerals and fatty acids that greatly contribute to shining hair. Salmon is one such food. It is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, along with high-quality protein, Vitamin B-12 and iron- all of which are important sources of nutrition for the body.

If you want your tresses to shine, dig into all those green veggies! Spinach and broccoli are excellent sources of Vitamins A & C, which help your body to produce sebum, a natural hair conditioner. So while you give in to the temptation to buy the newly launched conditioner which promises thick, lustrous hair, remember the basic conditioner comes from within your body.

Legumes like kidney beans and lentils are rich in iron, zinc and biotin, besides protein. All of these aid in hair growth. Add three or more cups of lentil in your diet every week to see results.

Nuts like Brazil nuts and Walnuts are excellent sources of selenium and alpha-linolenic acids which help condition your hair and scalp. Cashews, almonds and pecans contain zinc which prevents hair fall; so make sure there is enough nuts in your diet for healthy hair.

Poultry and eggs are excellent sources of high-quality protein. Lack of protein causes hair loss and in extreme cases, hair color loss as well.

Hydrate. Water plays a major role in maintaining healthy tresses, and make sure you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day to keep your hair shining.

Lifestyle tips for healthy hair #2

Exercise: Life often doesn't provide many opportunities to take care of ourselves. In the process of keeping up with the fast-paced world, people very often neglect their own selves. Exercise, besides keeping you fit and happy, also plays a huge role in keeping your blood circulation running properly. This flushes out the toxins and supplies more oxygen to all the cells, making your skin glow. Your scalp also receives better flow of oxygen that unclogs pores and helps your skin breathe.

A clear skin is less prone to dandruff and dryness, and grows healthy hair. 20 to 30 minutes of daily cardio exercise is good enough for glossy tresses.

Main Features of the CHI Pink Camo 1-Inch Ceramic Hairstyling

Farouk Systems, the makers of the popular CHI straightener irons used by many hair professionals worldwide, continue to add new and advanced flat iron products that will make your ironing experience as stylish as your hairstyle. In this article, learn more about the CHI Pink Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling iron.

The CHI Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling iron collection comes in many different colors that you can choose from: green, blue, and pink. One of its distinguishing characteristics of this particular CHI straightener is its special ergonomic design and its use of ceramic plates with curve edges that can create different styles to your hair. Thus, with just one tool, you can straighten or flatten your tresses, or even flip them. You can even use it for curling your hair. This model is among the CHI irons' most versatile when it comes to results.

Women spend a lot of time using flat irons because they have to wait to let the iron heat up. They also often take longer to style their hair since the flat iron has to pass through every part of the hair that must be twirled or swiveled to have the style of hair that the user desires. But, with this CHI iron, styling your hair will take less of your time and electricity. The CHI Camo iron has an energy saving feature that only takes up 25 W of electricity consumption to heat the ceramic plates within 6 to 10 seconds. More than that, using it is so easy with its 4-in-1 swivel cord that allows you to do any styling of your choice. Handling it is very easy since it is sensitive to even a slight squeeze. This enables you to use the flat iron without exerting so much effort.

Many owners of the CHI Camo iron love its cool design and would ever proudly show it off to their friends. The army print shows just how tough and powerful this product can be to your hair. Using it is like going to a professional hairstylist or salon. Another good thing about the CHI Camo is that it comes with a heatproof traveling bag so that you can carry it anytime and anywhere without worrying about accidentally burning oneself or someone else.

Just like the other CHI straightener irons from Farouk, the CHI Pink Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling assures you of an appliance that is both stylish and effective.

All About Medium Hairstyles

The secret in having a medium length hairstyle is to choose the right length for the shape of your face and your hair type. Medium hairstyles are also called mid-length or shoulder length. There are varieties of hairstyles you can create in your medium length hair such as ponytail, elegant updo, layered hairstyle, and medium bob.

Ponytails look sexy on any type of hair. For short, medium or long and can also be worn even in formal occasions. Ponytails are considered a very informal hair style but they are easy to wear but it still shows beautiful hair in a much more fashionable way. The layered hairstyle is flirty and sassy and it also makes you look a little bit taller. When choosing a layered hair style for medium length hair, it is important to consider not only the length of your hair but also the shape of your face so you have a style that best suits your face.

The medium bob hair style is very safe and versatile cut that fits the looks and style of a lot of women. The bob allows a style that frames the face and can narrow wider facial shapes like heart shaped ones or soften jaw lines like angular facial shapes. There are many medium hairstyles for bob cut like choppy blunt bob, classic A-Line bob, the beckham bob and bob hairstyle with bangs.

But medium hairstyles also need maintenance. The base of our hair is the scalp. Make sure to let your hair breathe. Also use a mild conditioner or after rinse moisturizer as suited to the climate. Make sure you go to bed tangled free, and when traveling make sure to use a scarf if prone to long road journeys. The wind is refreshing but not good for the hair.

Medium hairstyles are easy to maintain, and most women are comfortable with hair of a manageable length. Medium length hairstyles are also great with color highlights, low lights, tapered cut ends and soft end curls. One can create and still look like they spent countless hours on their hair, when they really only spent a mere few minutes. A good hairstyle make a woman feel great. Having a good stylist is the key.