What Hairstyle Matches Your Face?

Teenagers always welcome any trend that comes to them. Especially about hairstyle, they want to try all kind that they think cool and trendy these days. But you also need to think about face structure before select the style for your hair.

There is some you need to attention in order to choose the appropriate style for your hair. For teenage girls, you need to match your style with your own face structure, if you have a round face, highlighting the forehead will help you to add sense of the fullness. But do not cover the forehead with a fringe.

Next, you also need to avoid the center part; it is suggested to keep it to the side. Or you can pull back a little portion of your hair. Also avoid using too straight hair or flat on the top of your head.

For a long face, center part will look bad if you have long dull straight hair. It is recommended to have a shorter bouncier hair with long fringes falling on the forehead. The fringes cuts off length from your face will look trendy.

If you have a square face, keep your hair long until shoulder. Then arrange feather or layer cuts near the face with diagonal fringe because it will add an accentuation in your face. By this display, your face will look balance and no minimize square look.

Another case with boys, they are normally having short haircuts. As time goes by, it feels so monotones and bored then it is created new hairstyle like spikes and fringes and bangs. Also layer cuts become popular not only in short hair but also suitable a hairstyles for long hair too.

Nowadays, boys become so attractive because they can change the style every day they want. Thanks to the invention of hairstyling gels, they can arrange hair falling on the forehead or pointing upwards towards the sky. Those styles are very suitable for boys who like the sports.