Hair Health - How to Have Healthy Hair, Part One - Foundational Concepts

You want healthy hair that shines, doesn't frizz, looks great and feels good. Yes? Well there are a few things that you need to know. We'll start from the beginning.

Your hair is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. A healthy body leads to healthy hair. A healthy life leads to healthy hair.

The three biggest factors that impact hair are stress (no surprise), hormones and medications. Let's break these down.

Stress impacts everything. Yes, even our hair, in fact, especially our hair. For this, think of two kinds of stresses on your hair. The kind of stress that comes from the inside and the kind of stress that comes from the outside.

The 'inside' stress is what is going on in your body. Skin cells grow and harden into hair cells. If the cells in your bodies are in any dis - ease (not at peace) it can impact your hair. In addition, if your scalp is unbalanced, your cells will focus on bringing your scalp back into a state of balance, instead of using that energy towards growing healthy hair.

The 'outside' stresses can be many things: the weather (sun, wind, heat, dry air, water), what you do to your hair (color, flat iron, blow dry, using or not using hair products) and environmental impurities like air quality, ozone and pollution.

This is a big one! What I can tell you is, especially for women, hair changes happen in cycles. Maybe your hair was straight before you had children, now it's curly - or both. As we age, our hair health and skin health change. Tune in and see if you are going through a hormones change such as pregnancy (pre-during-or post), or menopause (pre-during-or post). We are always is our hair.

Again, this is a reflection of what is going inside your body. It can affect your hair. Just be aware.

The great news is that you have freedom to choose in all three areas - stress, hormones and medication. You can make these changes on your own or work with a professional.

What can you do today for healthy hair? Give yourself some love, from the inside and from the outside. Ideas for love for the inside: Be grateful for your hair. Eat fresh, colorful, food. Listen to happy music. Get outside and surround yourself with the beauty of nature. Be still and breathe.

Ideas for love for the outside: Treat yourself to a scalp massage, or whole body massage, or do it yourself. This is the best! Don't wash your hair every day. Use a mask to nourish when it feels dry. Put product on your hair if you are going to blow dry and flat iron. Wear a hat. Be nice to your hair. Laugh, play, dance and have fun.

Your hair is a reflection of what is going on inside your body. Stress, hormones and medication are the three biggest factors that affect your hair. Remember, it is all temporary and ever changing. A healthy body leads to healthy hair. A healthy life leads to healthy hair.

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