Hair Relaxer For Thick Curly Hairstyle

It may be a dumb question, it takes so long to straighten the thick curly hairstyle with some frizz control and a flat iron. I was wondering if we can get a relaxer for this kind of hair?

First, there are several different ways to straighten hair. The relaxers have 'Lye' and they are mostly too strong for the hair although they can be used if applied by a skilled stylist. Most straightening products are basically 'perms' or permanent waves which are combed into the hair and they will straighten the hair. It's depending on the course of different hair.

Thio (Thioglycolate) relaxer. It is actually a texturizer and it is designed for curly or wavy hair. There are several good products out there: Rusk Radical Anti-curl, Redken Vertical, L'oreal X-tenso, Matrix Opti-smooth. They are all professional treatments. Do some research to find out if there are any reputable salons in your area that offer the service.

Stay away from Lye (sodium hydroxide) relaxers, or calcium hydroxide relaxes. They are not really designed for this kind of hair type and won't produce the results which you are looking for.

Thio, will produce soft shiny hair, that will be much easier to straighten, but you will still be able to wear your hair curly or wavy if you want to. The waves or curls will just be looser, smoother and shinier.

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