What is Your Hairdo For This Hairstyle Appreciation Day?

April 30. It is another day to revel in fashion indulgence. It is the day when everyone looks at you; focuses on your hairdo. People also call it as Hairstyle Appreciation Day. It sounds pretty fanciful; amusing. If we continue to celebrate like this, soon we will not have enough days in a year to name after many celebrations. This apart, the celebration gives hairstylists a field day. You will have yet another day to let your hair down by doing it up.

In recent decades, physical appearance is given much prominence; occasionally, it even crosses the limits of good sense. With people wanting to look young, appealing, and attractive, businesses selling anti-aging techniques, fashion and designer wear and make-up material have flourished into multi-billion dollar mints. People are no longer prepared to just accept that aging is nature's doing and inevitable. They do everything possible to look like they are beyond the reach of nature.

Every day is a hay day for skin specialists. People are obsessed with looking young so much that a single wrinkle nearly breaks their heart. They quickly line up before the dermatologists to get their wrinkles creased out. It seems like nobody wants to age beyond the times of their prime looks. Plastic surgery, creams, lotions, and many things promise people total solace against aging.

From the earlier times, clothing has traveled a long distance. Its primary purpose seems to have altered from covering the body to revealing it. Clothes today make fashion statements. Bizarre designs, garish colors, wacky combinations are all in vogue.

Hair styles have naturally caught up with a million kinds of gawky dresses. There are different hair styles that people are trying - intellectual, sporty, regal, hippie and every other style that the hairstylists are coming up with. Hairstyle Appreciation Day perfectly symbolizes the folly that is pervading all minds. This makes one wonder if sanity is getting deeply buried beneath this invincibly thick insanity that has spread all around.