What Are Two Top Foods You Can Eat To Get Healthy Hair?

It does not matter how much hair products you use that claim they will make your hair look healthy. These products are not as good as they claim. Good hair health starts from inside of your body, and you can only get this by eating the right types of foods on a consistent basis. Listed are two foods you can start consuming now for superior hair health.

Eating Salmon to Keep Hair Healthy

Do you know one reason why your hair might not be as healthy as it should be right now? Yes, you might take care to wash it and make it look nice, but looking nice does not equal healthy. Fact of the matter is you might not be getting enough protein and vitamin D in your diet as you need to get. Well one good way to fix that would be for you to start consuming salmon.

Why is salmon so good for you and the health of your hair?

There are few other foods you can eat that are going to provide you with the amount of protein and vitamin D your hair requires like salmon will. It is a great source of protein and vitamin D. What makes it even better is it is low in fat, can be prepared in a healthy way, and it taste great. Salmon also contains a nice amount of omega 3 fatty acids. These acids are also going to be essential for healthy hair.

What will the omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon do for the hair?

Your hair is not going to look healthy if your hair shaft is not properly hydrated or your scalp is not hydrated. You can do all sorts of things to help with this, but you have to start internally, not externally. The omega 3 fatty acids found in salmon and other fresh water fish will offer you the protection you need from the inside. Healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, and omega 3 fatty acids certainly help in this regard.

Eating Prunes to Keep Hair Healthy

One key element of hair that usually makes it stand out and look healthy would be the texture. Often times when someone feels they are having a bad hair day it is because the texture does not look as healthy as it should and no amount of external products seem to be helping. Well have you tried adding prunes to your diet in order to help with this? Prunes are able to improve hair texture along with other benefits.

Additional benefits of consuming prunes besides hair health

Do you have trouble having bowel movements as often as you need to? If you do, then consuming prunes will help you with that. Not only this, but prunes are very rich in certain nutrients you might not currently be getting enough of, such as iron. Prunes will help to prevent you from losing hair, it will protect your hair from dulling, becoming thin, or becoming discolored. So start consuming prunes.