Getting Stronger, Thicker, Longer Healthy Hair

Most of us will find that age has its demands, and one of the areas of these demand is with respect to our hair. When we were young our hair was full, rich and healthy and, depending on our genes, now it' s thin, weak or gone. Thin, weak hair can be made strong, long and healthy again with the proper shampoos and conditioners. With all the shampoos and conditioners available in the marketplace, only the best, all natural, non-chemical ones should be considered. The ones that will allow our hair to grow thicker, longer and be healthier.

The way your hair looks can affect your self-esteem in your daily private and professional life. Some people were born with thin hair while others have thin hair through neglect or from various hairstyling with harsh chemical products. Getting thick, healthy hair starts at the hair follicle (root) and works outward. As hair ages it gets thin and brittle and splits at its ends. Combing and brushing also contribute to weak, thin, damaged hair being removed from the scalp.

For the average person having strong, thick hair can be a challenge, but growing long, beautiful, healthy hair is not difficult with the proper maintenance. The proper shampoo/conditioner is designed to make your hair strong, allowing it to gain body, grow long and be healthy.

Strong, thick, long, healthy hair starts at the root, or follicle, and continues through the shaft out to the end. Normally, hair grows ¼ inch a month and can last for 3-4 months before it falls out. Thin, brittle or damaged hair can have a much shorter life span and it depends upon you to make it grow thick, long and healthy.

As hair grows, it will eventually develop split-ends that make it look frizzy, messy and unhealthy. These split-ends need to be trimmed about every 2-3 months to make the hair shaft stronger to support its new thickness. Taking care of the hair by keeping it clean and trimmed will allow it to grow stronger and become thicker.

Hair consists primarily of protein, so eating protein rich diets will be a factor in its health, as will as the care you give it, your lifestyle and the environment. Selecting the proper shampoo and conditioner can provide your hair with the nutrients and vitamins that will make it grow strong, allowing it to become thicker, grow longer and be healthy.