How to Look After Your Hair Whilst Travelling

The last thing you should have to worry about whilst travelling is your hair. While you want to look great on the road, carting around extra weight in your luggage from beauty products is not ideal. Blow driers, curling irons, hair straighteners, and your full line of daily hair products can be too inconvenient to travel with. For short business trips, where packing light is required, and for longer trips where carrying many beauty products is not feasible, you will need to know how to care for and style your hair without your full supply of tools.

Luckily, relaxed hairstyles are in vogue now. While the perfectly blow-dried and flat-ironed look is still stylish, a looser look is also quite popular at this time. This can be ideal for travelling. Skip the heavy styling products and heat treatment, and allow your hair to air dry naturally while you are away from home. Consider using a silicone-based styling cream to tame frizzy hair, or a light gel to keep curls in place. Simply towel dry your hair, apply the product, and wait for your hair to dry into natural waves or curls.

Depending on where you are travelling, you may not have the time or ability to shower and wash your hair each day. If you are in this situation, consider bringing along a few headbands for your trip. A simple headband can spruce up any hairstyle and fix nearly any bad hair day. Another quick fix for unwashed hair is a "dry shampoo." This is a product you spray into your hair that absorbs oil and restores a fresh appearance to your hair.

If your hair does not dry well naturally, or if you prefer to go with a more polished hairstyle, you still have many options for styling your hair while on-the-go. One thing to keep in mind is that many hotel and B&B rooms now have hair dryers available for guests. You can use a blow dryer and flat brush on small sections of your hair at a time, pulling it straight while drying. Some lodging facilities also have complimentary shampoo and conditioner for you to enjoy as well. Finally, if you are going to be in one location for an extended period of time, you might consider purchasing inexpensive appliances to use during your stay and then discard them before you return home. Ultimately, having great hair while travelling does not have to be difficult.