Laser Hair Transplant

Hair loss happens in women and men. Females have the wig as an alternative to natural hair. Wigs are accepted and no one has a problem with the ladies wearing artificial hair. Men on the other hand who utilize the same are the brunt of jokes and ridicule. So why is hair such a big deal for men? In a survey 95% of women said the first thing they look at when the meet a man is his hair. So that explains why the locks are so important. Now what are a mans options lotions potions? The truth is just the truth.
True hair restoration means hair transplant. Taking hair from the back of your head and transplanting it in the balding areas. Now there have been advances in this procedure. The advance is the use of a specialized laser it reduces the trauma to the scalp and speeds the healing process. The laser Hair clinic in Clearwater, Florida is one of only few clinics in the world to use this technology. I spoke to John Satino the clinic director. Question is what is the cost? Usually half the price of hair restoration at other clinics. Why? It takes half the time. How about the results? The Hair and Scalp clinic here in Clearwater, Florida takes pride in every patient 98% of the transplanted hair grows we have a video on YouTube of a story ABC News did on our clinic.

Why is it we ask about Laser hair restoration, some doctors will say "oh its just hype" the answer is easy they want your business and they do not have a laser. They use a ten dollar scalpel. The laser we use cost over 50 thousand dollars and most people in the business of hair restoration do not want to invest that kind of money. In my expert opinion after 25 years in this business I can honestly say that the use of this type of laser in hair transplantation is the most significant advancement in technology in the past 15 years. In the last few months there is a company pushing something called Neo Graft this is not an advancement just machine that unfortunately is getting doctors who have little or no experience in Hair restoration in the business.
Our clinic physician is Dr. Markou. He was taught by the master Dr. Chambers and fine tuned his own techniques skills over the past 20 years. Practice makes perfect? you better believe it. I have seen so many come in our Hair and scalp laser clinic in Clearwater, Florida with almost tears in their eyes asking if we can fix work done somewhere else.

The answer is usually yes! We have several websites and Youtube under hairdoctormd. At this point in my life its really not all about the money. The joy that people get from getting their hair back both men and women. Hair transplants have become my life's work. Many friends I have met in this business and the celebrity clients oh what a joy its been and continues this year we are already booked 2 months out at our Hair transplant Tampa office.