Healthy Tips for Twist Hair in the Rainy Season

In the rainy season there is lots of factor can damaging the view and the healty of your hair, specially for you who had twist hair. Your hair will dry and damaged more easyly.

But no need to worry because you can do a treatment from the start to make your twist hair strong and healthy.

There is some factor which can damaging your twist hair and some nutritions which can make your hair more healthy, such as ...


Blast of wind are capable to damage your twist hair style and your hair will look stiff. Drizzling rain condition are capable damaging your twist hair and make it looks so stiff due to your hair humid are reduced.

Cold condition of the hair that is too cooled is able to cause your hair drying and dull. Drying scalp also make your hair brittling and irritating.

Therefore, reduce the use of a hair dryer because able to reduce water humidity and effecting on dry scalp.


Hard diet also can decrease nutritions condition on your hair, that's why you will need hair nutritions to make your hair growing rapidly and shining.

Eating nutrinous foods which have omega 3, 6, 9 and fish oil is good for your dry scalp.

Also you can eating foods which contain vitamins and anti-oxidant such as beans and broccoli.


Use hat because hat can protecting your scalp from burning heat and do not forget to choosing hat with natural fit made by wool and kasmir.

Hair Coloring

Use dark color for winter because dark color is able to provide warm atmosphere. Dark color of hair can reflect spectacular shine and with a good crop will make your hair look healthy with a natural luster.