Main Features of the CHI Pink Camo 1-Inch Ceramic Hairstyling

Farouk Systems, the makers of the popular CHI straightener irons used by many hair professionals worldwide, continue to add new and advanced flat iron products that will make your ironing experience as stylish as your hairstyle. In this article, learn more about the CHI Pink Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling iron.

The CHI Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling iron collection comes in many different colors that you can choose from: green, blue, and pink. One of its distinguishing characteristics of this particular CHI straightener is its special ergonomic design and its use of ceramic plates with curve edges that can create different styles to your hair. Thus, with just one tool, you can straighten or flatten your tresses, or even flip them. You can even use it for curling your hair. This model is among the CHI irons' most versatile when it comes to results.

Women spend a lot of time using flat irons because they have to wait to let the iron heat up. They also often take longer to style their hair since the flat iron has to pass through every part of the hair that must be twirled or swiveled to have the style of hair that the user desires. But, with this CHI iron, styling your hair will take less of your time and electricity. The CHI Camo iron has an energy saving feature that only takes up 25 W of electricity consumption to heat the ceramic plates within 6 to 10 seconds. More than that, using it is so easy with its 4-in-1 swivel cord that allows you to do any styling of your choice. Handling it is very easy since it is sensitive to even a slight squeeze. This enables you to use the flat iron without exerting so much effort.

Many owners of the CHI Camo iron love its cool design and would ever proudly show it off to their friends. The army print shows just how tough and powerful this product can be to your hair. Using it is like going to a professional hairstylist or salon. Another good thing about the CHI Camo is that it comes with a heatproof traveling bag so that you can carry it anytime and anywhere without worrying about accidentally burning oneself or someone else.

Just like the other CHI straightener irons from Farouk, the CHI Pink Camo 1-inch Ceramic Hairstyling assures you of an appliance that is both stylish and effective.